About Us

First Meeting: (Which only Suzie Remembers)

When: Early October, 2009.
Where: Church pumpkin-carving party.
He said: "Hi.....[extensive small talk]".
She said: "Umm, I've gotta go find my roommates now...".

Second Meeting:

When: Mid October, 2009.
Where: Crepe party, Suzie's apartment.
She said: "[something something something] penny dropping!".
He said: "We're going penny dropping tomorrow, do you want to come?!"

After our penny dropping date, Brian and I hiked the Y (Y-mountain, in Provo, UT). And, well, that was where the penny really dropped! Ha. We started dating exclusively a couple of months later. Broke up. And then got back together knowing it would be for good.

We were married August 17th 2010 in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, Utah. We got some great counsel from our Sealer, but the best thing was the power we could feel when we were sealed for time and all eternity. Incredible.

Since then, we've moved from Utah to Maryland to Saint Louis, Missouri, where we'll be staying for quite a while. Brian is studying genetics and genomics at WASHU. I am enjoying staying home with our two lovely children, Isaac and Elsie. Life is lovely. And crazy. And we are trying to enjoy every minute.

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