Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"It's Snowman!"

This weekend was a lot of fun. 
Sunday we built a snowman (who we dubbed "King George") while the children were napping. 
I've spent most of the snowy weather with a cold so it was really fun to go outside and play.

I was rather pleased with his mustache and debonair expression.
Isaac just smiled and stared at him for a while in awe.
Action shot of Brian doing an excellent shovelling job (see the snow in midair in front of the lamppost?)
March is off to a great start :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Elsie's Birthday Party + Cake Smash (Day 28)

Yesterday we celebrated Elsie's first birthday with the traditional cake smash.  

Isaac was not happy to be strapped into his booster seat (after pilfering half a plate of cookies).  

"I'm open!" -Says Isaac.

Blowing out the candle was a team effort as Elsie mostly wanted to grab the flame. 

At first she daintily removed the candle and handed it to Brian. 

Then we gave her a spoon to see if she'd use it. 

After the spoon didn't quite yield the desired result, Elsie grabbed a fist full of frosting...

And the daintiness was gone! 

Cute little birthday girl.

A few friends came to celebrate with us. Here are the Rosbachs.
Miranda was our in-house photographer during the cake smash. I love Amelia's expression in this one - a halo couldn't make her look more angelic :)

Whitney & Evelyn :) Evelyn is so cute and kept trying to tell Elsie funny Australian expressions to make her laugh. 
So much fun. Here's to another fun-filled year with our lovely Elsie-Belsie!
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