Friday, February 6, 2015

"The Cuteness" (Day 6)

(Day 6 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

Over Christmas I finally watched a movie I didn't know I needed to see. Suddenly, so many things my American friends said in college makes sense...!

It's called "Master of Disguise"... "Turtle! Turtle!" is just one of the many things I now understand.

So now Elsie has a new nickname: "The Cuteness."

Is anything cuter than these chubby cheeks and this confused expression?!

"I noshor" (as Isaac likes to say) :)


  1. I always quote "The Master of Disguise"! It's such a weird movie though. I'm pretty sure there's a reason no one watches it anymore.;)

    1. Haha Sadie! So true. But I must admit I watched it about several times in two weeks (the flu plus not much selection in the villa). We quote it now too... I think it must be in the same category as Napoleon Dynamite: More fun to quote than watch :D


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