Tuesday, February 17, 2015

That Boy... (Days 16 & 17)

(Days 16 & 17 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

I don't think Isaac or Elsie have slept well since we put them in the same room a couple of nights ago. It's really fun to hear their giggles, not so fun to have two tired babies on my hands. 

Elsie has just been clingy and sad, Isaac has been extra... creative, shall we say. I think this was his third of four outfits yesterday, and it was before 9am. 

Isaac swiped the cocoa off of the counter. This picture really doesn't do it justice.
Note the Buzz Lightyear toy buried in cocoa.
Not sure what's going on with his eyes... 

Today has been more enjoyable, but still a few of these happening. 

Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I really do love this boy of mine.


  1. Um . . . that cocoa picture is THE best! You will be glad you have that in twenty years. :)

    1. Ha. That's exactly what Brian said!

  2. haha that's awesome. He looks like it didn't turn out like he'd pictured in his head...

    1. Yes... I'm sure it didn't taste as good as he thought it should...!


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