Saturday, February 14, 2015

Science Center With the Albrechtsens!

Last weekend the Albrechtsens came to town!! We first met them back in Provo a while ago. (Here's a picture of Hannah and Isaac from a couple of years ago! The 2nd to last pic. of the post :)) We had a fantastic time. Here are some pictures of our time at the Science Center:

Probably the coolest thing we did: Mind battles - the person with the most relaxed brain waves wins! The more relaxed you become, the faster the ball will roll toward your opponent's goal.

Carlene's winning tactic was to play Brahms' 3rd in her mind. 

The kids made some impressive looking towers with these cool blocks, wish I'd gotten a better picture! The kids did this for a bit while we got a chance to relax and catch up.

Isaac needed some persuasion to leave...

I've decided I need to take Carlene with me every time I go sightseeing because her excitement and delight are infectious. Brent's spot-on observations are as accurate and as humorous as ever. The kids were delightful. Such great people. Can't wait for the next reunion!!

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