Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Friends (Day 24)

Like most children, Isaac and Elsie love to play with other little kids. Isaac is still in the phase when just being in the same room with a friend is awesome, even if they're playing completely separate games.

Isaac still hasn't quite caught onto the fact that friends have individual names. He called every one of his friends "Annie" for about a year (even after we moved away from the real Annie, one of his first real friends). He recently started calling people "Jasson" (Jaxton). Which I think is super cute.

Here are some pictures of some of Isaac and Elsie's friends from the past several months... or "frenemies" as is occasionally the case  :)

Chocolate cake at the kids table. Isaac has an incredible tolerance for rich treats... he ate more of this decadent cake than the adults! (He ate his own and then began stealing the leftovers...)

Future Scientists of America!

Adorableness :)

Making new friends at the Botanical Garden... oh how I miss the warmer weather!

Checking out the giant fish at the BG.

Elsie's bestie.

Baby "love smacks" :)

"Let me kiss that better". 

A more recent picture of these girls. 


  1. This is so cute! Can I steal those pictures of Maggie and Elsie?


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