Thursday, February 5, 2015

"It's Daddy!" - or - My Husband the Scientist (Day 5)

(Day 5 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

The drive back to Saint Louis from Florida was actually pretty fun. We saw some lovely countryside and came across some interesting sights.

This little gem was painted on a building next to a Denny's.
Can you guess which one Isaac mistook for Daddy? :)

Poor Brian wasn't a fan of the hairline. Too close to home. (One of our friends recently commented on how Elsie has more hair than Brian now, which isn't actually true, but may be in the nearish future.) Personally I don't mind the hairline in this painting... I'm just hoping that the fact that this guy has two left hands isn't the consequence of too much pipetting.

But back to Brian...

Sometimes I am taken aback with how awesome he is. Over the past five years it has been so fun and rewarding to see him grow in all kinds of ways. He's become a great public speaker, an impressive mentor and teacher, developed a sharp personal style, gained all kinds of scientific skills, learned to love classic literature, become the most competent and caring father I could have asked for, and has become increasingly curious about all kinds of random things.

I'm sure he would still be learning and growing in awesome ways if he had chosen to be the farmer, the doctor, or the military man. But I must say I do love that he's a scientist, even if it does increase the chances of weird hand issues.

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