Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Elsie!!!

Elsie is ONE! This time last year I was meeting our little darling for the first time. The last year has flown by at an incredible pace, and yet it's strange to think that there was time when she wasn't here in our family.
Birthday Breakfast: Oatmeal! Ha... The treat was the part where we let her feed herself.

The "I can see you mama! Even though you're hiding behind that phone" expression.

Birthday Selfies. I don't usually let her play with my phone so she loved this. Also, the crusties are because birthday girls don't like being properly cleaned after each meal.

A new toy!

"Thanks for the toy, Grandma!" Says Isaac :)
(Isaac took a nap soon after and she had free reign.) 

Now that she's both one and walking, I must admit that she's somehow, suddenly, a toddler :'(

10 teeth and counting!

Such a lovely, happy girl. So grateful I get to be her mother :)

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  1. Happy birthday Elsie Belsie Boo! Lots of love from your long lost Auntie x x x x x


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