Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Elsie!!!

Elsie is ONE! This time last year I was meeting our little darling for the first time. The last year has flown by at an incredible pace, and yet it's strange to think that there was time when she wasn't here in our family.
Birthday Breakfast: Oatmeal! Ha... The treat was the part where we let her feed herself.

The "I can see you mama! Even though you're hiding behind that phone" expression.

Birthday Selfies. I don't usually let her play with my phone so she loved this. Also, the crusties are because birthday girls don't like being properly cleaned after each meal.

A new toy!

"Thanks for the toy, Grandma!" Says Isaac :)
(Isaac took a nap soon after and she had free reign.) 

Now that she's both one and walking, I must admit that she's somehow, suddenly, a toddler :'(

10 teeth and counting!

Such a lovely, happy girl. So grateful I get to be her mother :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Elsie's First Piece of Post

(Day 26 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

Elsie received her first piece of real mail today.... Just in time for her birthday tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yesterday (Day 25)

(Day 25 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

February is winding down. I'm happy and sad to be almost finished with this daily blogging challenge. I've taken more pictures than usual and have recorded more than usual of our daily life. I'm not sure I'll keep up daily blogging once March rolls around but I'm going to try and keep blogging at least weekly.

Mother-daughter selfie... Hopefully the first of many through the years :) 

Isaac is fiiiiinally beginning to love "reading" books. He's always loved flip/flap/pop-up books but now he loves to read regular non-board books. It makes my heart so happy! He's also mostly out of the ripping/peeling, throwing books stage, which is heaven :)

Elsie's new fixation is sitting in different places (as well as putting things on her head). She seems to get substantial satisfaction from successful sitting. Until she gets stuck. Then she's not so happy. 

Elsie on her throne.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Little Friends (Day 24)

Like most children, Isaac and Elsie love to play with other little kids. Isaac is still in the phase when just being in the same room with a friend is awesome, even if they're playing completely separate games.

Isaac still hasn't quite caught onto the fact that friends have individual names. He called every one of his friends "Annie" for about a year (even after we moved away from the real Annie, one of his first real friends). He recently started calling people "Jasson" (Jaxton). Which I think is super cute.

Here are some pictures of some of Isaac and Elsie's friends from the past several months... or "frenemies" as is occasionally the case  :)

Chocolate cake at the kids table. Isaac has an incredible tolerance for rich treats... he ate more of this decadent cake than the adults! (He ate his own and then began stealing the leftovers...)

Future Scientists of America!

Adorableness :)

Making new friends at the Botanical Garden... oh how I miss the warmer weather!

Checking out the giant fish at the BG.

Elsie's bestie.

Baby "love smacks" :)

"Let me kiss that better". 

A more recent picture of these girls. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Catch-up (Days 20, 21, 22, 23)

(Days 20, 21, 22, 23 of of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

I'm getting behind! 

It snew! Isaac enjoyed playing outside in the snow last week. There is still snow on the ground here and every morning Isaac wakes up and says "It's snowman!" Which means, "There's snow!" :)

I had a cold last week so we had a lot of indoor play.

Elsie loves the dishwasher. We have to be careful what's in reaching distance when she's around. 

This past week we busted out the juicer! (The first time in about 6 months.) Isaac loves juicer juice and always wants seconds and thirds. This juice was relatively sweet: Apple, carrot, sweet pepper and celery. 

PS Elsie is legitimately walking now! It's so cute. She still crawls most of the time but will walk about 5-7 steps before plopping down. She'll be one this week which means she walked about a month sooner than Isaac did. So fun. She's also teething like crazy... she has 9 teeth and counting! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pancake Day! (Day 19)

(Day 19 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

For most people around here, Tuesday was Mardi Gras. We celebrated much more conservatively with the British tradition of Pancake Day! 

On Shrove Tuesday, the same way Mardi Gras began, people use up the last bits of rich food in their homes to prepare for lent. We Brits at some long ago point started to make pancakes. And the tradition is still going strong. 

To give an idea of just how long ago, there are even pancake races (where you have to run while constantly flipping a pancake over and over in a frying pan) that started in the 1400s that are still being held each Pancake Day.

We all love pancakes around here!
I must say that these are not typical British-style pancakes (which are more like French Crepes) , I opted for convenience and used a mix. 

Isaac feeding Elsie.
(I have a great video of this but the file is too big for blogger... just invision Isaac shoving whole pancakes into Elsie's mouth and her enjoying it...)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

STL History Museum (Day 18)

(Day 18 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

Saturday we ventured into the stinging cold to visit the Saint Louis History museum. We caught the "250 in 250" (250 exhibits celebrating 250 years of the city) in its final weekend. It was so fun to get out and be able to have a taste of what this city has experienced over the past two and a half centuries. 

This city has seen A LOT. 

(Interesting fact, the population has declined dramatically in the past 60 years, with over half its residents leaving the city. The many derelict and once-grand crumbling houses are a testament to this.)

Watch out, ladies, Isaac is perfecting his smoulder!

My favorite piece was the gorgeous Veiled Prophet Queen Dress.
The ball itself has some pretty controversial history. 
So fun. And it felt great to cross something off my STL bucket list!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

That Boy... (Days 16 & 17)

(Days 16 & 17 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

I don't think Isaac or Elsie have slept well since we put them in the same room a couple of nights ago. It's really fun to hear their giggles, not so fun to have two tired babies on my hands. 

Elsie has just been clingy and sad, Isaac has been extra... creative, shall we say. I think this was his third of four outfits yesterday, and it was before 9am. 

Isaac swiped the cocoa off of the counter. This picture really doesn't do it justice.
Note the Buzz Lightyear toy buried in cocoa.
Not sure what's going on with his eyes... 

Today has been more enjoyable, but still a few of these happening. 

Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I really do love this boy of mine.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cutie Pies (Day 15)

(Day 15 of February's a-photo-a-day challenge.)

My favorite people :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Science Center With the Albrechtsens!

Last weekend the Albrechtsens came to town!! We first met them back in Provo a while ago. (Here's a picture of Hannah and Isaac from a couple of years ago! The 2nd to last pic. of the post :)) We had a fantastic time. Here are some pictures of our time at the Science Center:

Probably the coolest thing we did: Mind battles - the person with the most relaxed brain waves wins! The more relaxed you become, the faster the ball will roll toward your opponent's goal.

Carlene's winning tactic was to play Brahms' 3rd in her mind. 

The kids made some impressive looking towers with these cool blocks, wish I'd gotten a better picture! The kids did this for a bit while we got a chance to relax and catch up.

Isaac needed some persuasion to leave...

I've decided I need to take Carlene with me every time I go sightseeing because her excitement and delight are infectious. Brent's spot-on observations are as accurate and as humorous as ever. The kids were delightful. Such great people. Can't wait for the next reunion!!

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