Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saint Louis List

We've been in Saint Louis 6 months already! It's such a fun, inexpensive place to live (last week I saw gas at $2.15 a gallon!). Even though we'll be here probably another 5 years (maybe more), I know if I don't have some sort of list, I'm going to leave without experiencing all (or at least a good amount) of what it has to offer.
So here's the beginning of our Saint Louis Bucket List:

  1. Experience The Arch.
  2. Take the kids to the Science Center.
  3. Experience Food Truck Friday at Tower Grove Park.
  4. Go to a concert during the Botanical Garden's concert series.
  5. Take the kids to The Magic House (catch a free family night).
  6. Go to the Saint Louis Zoo.
  7. See the 250 in 250 exhibit at the STL History Museum (closes Feb 15th 2015!).
  8. Meet an Eagle at the Alton Visitors Center.
  9. Do a stroller tour at the SLAM (Saint Louis Art Museum).
  10. Watch the Cardinals play.
  11. See a play at the Muny.
  12. Visit Grant's Farm.
  13. Experience Cahokia Mounds.
  14. Tour the mosaics at the Cathedral Basilica.
  15. Visit Meramec Caverns.
  16. Pick our own peaches at Eckherts.
  17. Go on a Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate factory tour

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