Monday, October 6, 2014

Soooo Much!

Goodness, gracious, blogging is ridiculously hard to get back into after so long!

So much has happened, or at least feels like it has.

Biggest news: We bought a house! And we've been living in it for just over a week now. It's a cute little bungalow in a quiet little neighborhood here in Saint Louis and we are so happy with it :) I'll have to take some photos at some point and post them.

In other news, Isaac is still two. And what a two year old he is... I read through some journal entries recently and most of them had some tale of mischief about "THAT BOY!" They made me laugh with a feeling of happy nostalgia at my cute little man, and then I reminded myself that these were pretty recent journal entries and I should probably focus my energy on teaching him to behave better. Most recently I've been reading the "Love and Logic" book and I'm really enjoying it and writing copious amounts of notes from it before I have to return it to the local library. I was about to share some of his antics but have decided it deserves a post all on its own another day...

Here's Brian trying to stop him jumping in the pond at the Botanical Garden we used to live right next to:

Elsie is still cute and happy and is so chunky now. Brian is finally satisfied with her chubbiness. Here's a picture of her in her bathing suit a couple of months ago:

I'm pretty sure she's even chubbier now. Though not quite as big as Isaac used to be, fortunate for her. I was at the park last week and she was in a cute little beige jacket sitting next to Isaac in the double stroller and a lady exclaimed "Oh how cute! You've got yourself a couple of line backers!" And I was like.... "huhu, yeah maybe." Somehow everyone assumes she's a boy unless she's wearing a headband. It comforts me to think that everyone thought Isaac was a girl when he was younger too, and now he's unmistakably male. Hopefully when she grows some visible hair people will get her gender right, too.

And now for some cuteness:

Sibling fun

On a walk

Sibling... affection

(He asked to go in the box, even though he looks rather chastened.)

Lady Elsie! Here she's showing off a pair of Grannie Sticks' clip-ons

Fun at church

And some more sibling affection.

Well, I'm off to play with these cuties. And maybe shower if I'm lucky and the stars naps allign!


  1. Love it! You need to update more often :) I recognised Grannie's clip-ons as soon as I saw them :) Oh how I wish we could just fly over and see you all! Please post pics of the house!! x x x

  2. you bought a house! how exciting! and your kids are SO stinkin cute! looks like a beautiful neighborhood. thanks for updating us! hope you are well!

  3. Suzie, I don't read your blog nearly enough! (And you don't post nearly enough...just like me.;)) I miss you! I'm so glad you and your cute family are doing well though. You all exude happiness. Yay for being happy.:)


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