Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saint Louis List

We've been in Saint Louis 6 months already! It's such a fun, inexpensive place to live (last week I saw gas at $2.15 a gallon!). Even though we'll be here probably another 5 years (maybe more), I know if I don't have some sort of list, I'm going to leave without experiencing all (or at least a good amount) of what it has to offer.
So here's the beginning of our Saint Louis Bucket List:

  1. Experience The Arch.
  2. Take the kids to the Science Center.
  3. Experience Food Truck Friday at Tower Grove Park.
  4. Go to a concert during the Botanical Garden's concert series.
  5. Take the kids to The Magic House (catch a free family night).
  6. Go to the Saint Louis Zoo.
  7. See the 250 in 250 exhibit at the STL History Museum (closes Feb 15th 2015!).
  8. Meet an Eagle at the Alton Visitors Center.
  9. Do a stroller tour at the SLAM (Saint Louis Art Museum).
  10. Watch the Cardinals play.
  11. See a play at the Muny.
  12. Visit Grant's Farm.
  13. Experience Cahokia Mounds.
  14. Tour the mosaics at the Cathedral Basilica.
  15. Visit Meramec Caverns.
  16. Pick our own peaches at Eckherts.
  17. Go on a Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate factory tour

Monday, October 6, 2014

Soooo Much!

Goodness, gracious, blogging is ridiculously hard to get back into after so long!

So much has happened, or at least feels like it has.

Biggest news: We bought a house! And we've been living in it for just over a week now. It's a cute little bungalow in a quiet little neighborhood here in Saint Louis and we are so happy with it :) I'll have to take some photos at some point and post them.

In other news, Isaac is still two. And what a two year old he is... I read through some journal entries recently and most of them had some tale of mischief about "THAT BOY!" They made me laugh with a feeling of happy nostalgia at my cute little man, and then I reminded myself that these were pretty recent journal entries and I should probably focus my energy on teaching him to behave better. Most recently I've been reading the "Love and Logic" book and I'm really enjoying it and writing copious amounts of notes from it before I have to return it to the local library. I was about to share some of his antics but have decided it deserves a post all on its own another day...

Here's Brian trying to stop him jumping in the pond at the Botanical Garden we used to live right next to:

Elsie is still cute and happy and is so chunky now. Brian is finally satisfied with her chubbiness. Here's a picture of her in her bathing suit a couple of months ago:

I'm pretty sure she's even chubbier now. Though not quite as big as Isaac used to be, fortunate for her. I was at the park last week and she was in a cute little beige jacket sitting next to Isaac in the double stroller and a lady exclaimed "Oh how cute! You've got yourself a couple of line backers!" And I was like.... "huhu, yeah maybe." Somehow everyone assumes she's a boy unless she's wearing a headband. It comforts me to think that everyone thought Isaac was a girl when he was younger too, and now he's unmistakably male. Hopefully when she grows some visible hair people will get her gender right, too.

And now for some cuteness:

Sibling fun

On a walk

Sibling... affection

(He asked to go in the box, even though he looks rather chastened.)

Lady Elsie! Here she's showing off a pair of Grannie Sticks' clip-ons

Fun at church

And some more sibling affection.

Well, I'm off to play with these cuties. And maybe shower if I'm lucky and the stars naps allign!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Elsie's Arrival Story & Newborn Pics

Elsie Jane joined our family February 27th. She is simply lovely. 

And in honor of her first ever half-birthday (happening tomorrow), I've decided to record her birth story!

Better late than never, right?

To accompany the story, I've finally dug out the CD of her adorable newborn photoshoot (thanks again Chalice!) from the box it was in from the move.

Because I was a week overdue, my doctor ordered an induction on the evening of the 26th. Honestly, being induced was pretty terrible. Intense, overlapping contractions happened almost right away until 3am, when apparently I hadn't dilated AT. ALL. I was pretty upset about that fact, so at 3am I accepted some crazy narcotic that made me hallucinate a kaleidoscope of stuffed animal armies and eventually sleep. 

At about 7am, I had dilated to a 3cm (hurray!) and my absolute favorite doctor just happened to start his shift right when I was moved into Labor & Delivery (about 7:30am). I was so grateful because Dr Jacobs was the best.

I was pretty nauseated from the narcotic, but once my stomach calmed down I was given an epidural and some pitocin. I went back to sleep until about 10:30am, when I woke up feeling some interesting "pressure". It turned out to be Elsie's head :) I was at a 10cm and feeling great. The doctor said he wanted to wait a little longer to push, to see if she'd come further on her own, so I went back to sleep for half an hour feeling surprisingly comfortable and happy. 

At about 11am the doctor had me start pushing, and four minutes later Elsie Jane was born! It was very calm and wonderful and there she was! She was so puffy and beautiful :) After that the placenta came out beautifully. (I was so grateful because it didn't with Isaac.) I was so relieved.

Elsie weighed 8 lbs and 10 oz and was 20.5 inches long. 

She is now 6 months and still fills us up with joy :) She is so happy and pleasant and easy to care for. And once she gives up her 3am feed she'll be absolutely perfect! Ha. 

Isaac loves her too, and they are starting to play together. It makes me so happy :) I'll have to write about that another day, though. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Well hello again!

So it's been a while!

So long in fact that when I typed the blog's address into my browser, it didn't actually come up in the recent history.... And then when I typed it all out I typed the wrong blog address... whoops! 

Lots and lots and lots has happened since I last wrote, so I'll just summarize the almost year that has passed with the following pictures and captions, with more details to come:

We moved to Maryland! Just outside of DC. Here we are parading for the fourth of July (all the new families in our church were forced asked to). I just love how so many people in this picture became great friends, though we didn't know them at the time :)

Brian set to work as a PostBac at the NIH, researching the endocannabinoid system. 

I got pregnant!

Isaac made the cutest superman ever for Halloween :)

I got even more pregnant... 41 weeks pregnant...

Mum came to help when we had the baby, it was so much fun. Here she is, in her element ;)

Elsie Jane was born! I'll do another post on how that all happened another day....

Brian's mom, dad, and sister Melisa came into town in April! Unfortunately the only picture I can find is this :"fish and chips" fail! ha! The visit was awesome though :)
As Brian's year at the NIH drew to a close, we figured we should start some serious sightseeing! This is taken at the British Embassy on Embassy day, May 10th. We went with some awesome people and had a great time. 

Dad came to help us move! He was amazing. So were all our awesome Rockville friends who were so gracious to come help us clean and take all our furniture! So blessed. 

We arrived in St Louis a few weeks ago. Brian has begun his PhD in genomics here at WASHU already.
It's hot and humid and friendly and we are so happy to be here!

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