Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye, Provo!

 Even though we left Provo over three months ago I can’t help but record some of the wonderful things we got to do and the wonderful people we got to see before all the details get fuzzy.

Brian and Isaac (probably per my request) dressed to match to go get ice-cream with one of my favorite mission companions and her husband. This is right before we got in our car that promptly died (ours is not the one in the background). I wish I’d gotten a picture of another good friend, Dustin, who lived right across the street and has an amazing gift with cars. Thanks again Dustin!!!

This is “Sister Bell” and her husband Conrad. If you’ve ever heard me tell a crazy mission story it was most probably with this lady. They are awesome. So grateful we could catch up before we left town. We also got to glimpse the almost-finished house they bought (which they’re now living in)!

Here we are. I love Isaac’s face… probably something to do with that fact that he has something other than ice-cream in his hands….

This is my good friend Kim. Kim is from England. About 20 minutes away from me. And we go way back…. Way back to my Junior year of College! Ha. We always laugh about how crazy it was that we met in a BYU ward and not back home. Love these guys! We have been through thick and thin these past years.
From January to May, Brian spent his final semester as an intern at Myriad genetics. To save money (and because this man of mine has a strange affinity for public transport) he opted to take the brand new frontrunner train from Provo to SLC every day. It meant he had to walk or get the bus there, then take that train, then take trax and often one more bus. It was a looong commute and Isaac and I missed him! I think it was just about 4 hours per day(!) and although he got a lot of reading done I don’t think he’s going to do that kind of commute ever again. He was a trooper though and was often up by 4:30am to be home by 7 so he could have a little quality time with us before an early night. What a man!

Brian loves Pizza, and one of his requests for before we left Utah was for me to come up to SLC and go to The Pie together. It was sooo good! We had the BBQ cilantro pizza and it was DEElicious. (It was so good I forgot to take a picture until it was too late!) The atmosphere is pretty unique too. Kind of like a family-bar-metro feel. Right above us was a huge Budweiser florescent light. And the walls are full of graffiti from the many people who’ve been there over the years. I love Isaac’s face again here…

I think this may have been the same day as the Pie. We drove around and saw some of the sights of SLC. We were trying to get to the capital and this is as close as we got before we realized we needed to get the babe home because he was DONE with sightseeing J

My old roommate Debbie gave me a ton of awesome clothes and toys for Isaac when I last saw her. This little gem was one of our favorites! Ha. Unfortunately he only got to wear it once before we moved and somehow it didn’t make its way to MD with us… But luckily I got a picture. Doesn't make his thighs look delicious!?!

This is my neighbor Rachel and her baby Connie. Rachel was my roommate before I got married and we had a blast! I was so glad I could get together with her and her cute baby properly before we left. It is so fun to have good friends you’ve known before and after husbands and babies! We walked and then ended up at the park along with some other friends:
This is Jamie, one of my favorite people ever. So sad this picture is blurry! She was my VT the last year I was in Provo and we got to be great friends. Her little boy McKay is a few months younger than Isaac and it was so much fun to be able to get together with her and our other mothers’ group friends so often. Jamie also made me an awesome goodbye candy poster for the day we left. We still have some of the candy in our glove box (is that gross?) but I like it because it reminds me of good friends :)
This is Bekah (who is actually taking care of another friend’s kids!). She is so fun. I will always remember her teaching us ladies about working out because she had us do three minutes of squats and I was sore for about a week! Ha. But she is awesome and I wish we’d become friends sooner!
Isaac J

The night before we headed out our friends the Albrechtsens and the Rhotens threw us a goodbye shindig. This is Hannah bear, one of Isaac’s first ever lady friends. They’d kiss and steal each other’s toys. Hannah liked to feed Isaac her snacks. He had a pretty good thing going. Unfortunately this is the only picture I got the whole evening!! So mad at myself because so many of our good friends came. I’m going to excuse myself and say “I was living in the moment”. It really was a fun night.
The drive begins! We left after church for Idaho, with all our earthly possessions either previously sent to be stored by gracious relations, or in that car! Isaac is comfortably snuggled in his car seat back there somewhere. I couldn’t actually see him so to tell if he’d fallen asleep or not I put the camera in movie mode and Brian would hold it over his shoulder…  Luckily that boy takes long naps!  After we arrived at Brian’s parents’ house we slept one night before sending Brian off to Maryland with an EVEN MORE STUFFED car. If you can believe it. A five day road trip wasn’t going to happen for Isaac and I so we enjoyed being spoiled by Brian’s family and preparing for Melisa’s (Brian’s sister’s) wedding! It was nice to have something to focus on while we waited for Brian to fly back for the big day J


  1. awww! I miss you guys!! Too bad we didn't move to the same state :/. Isaac is seriously adorable and has the prettiest eyes! So glad you guys are doing well :)

  2. Your Isaac is sooo cute, Suzie. Yes, his thighs look delicious and have you seen Wall-e?

  3. I have been checking your blog for 3 months waiting for any update and I am glad I finally got some pictures. It is so nice you got to see so many friends before you left. And thanks for the picture of that awesome monster outfit of Issac. I love it! :)


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