Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update: Hello Maryland!!!!!!!

So. Just realized I went from "we don't know what we're doing next year" to "we're moving soon" without any hint of what/where/when.... whoops!

Sometime in the middle of April, Brian had a skype interview for a position at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) for a PostBac (12 month internship). Brian said it went terribly, so of course he was offered the position the following morning. After a few days of us praying and deliberating he accepted! And now we are back East!

Brian drove the car out, stuffed to the brim with (almost) all our earthly possessions. It took four long days. Then he flew back and we went to Melisa and Steve's wedding. Which was a blast, by the way :) Then we all flew out together and stayed with the incredibly kind and patient Eggett's for a couple of weeks before our apartment opened up.

Other than the stifling humidity on some days, we are just loving it here! It is beautiful and fun and the people have been so nice. Oh, and one of my favorite old roommates just happens to be in our ward :)

Photos to follow!


  1. What an exciting new adventure! We loved the East, though it was a different dynamic than living so close to D.C. It sounds like you're loving it too, though. Congratulations on a new job and new experiences!

  2. Hello Suzie, I'm so excited for you! And thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. I'm so excited for your East coast adventure. I'd love to spend a year or two in Massachusetts, but there are endless places along the eastern seaboard I'd love to visit. Thankfully one of my sisters is now in WV. I can't wait to visit her. Adventures scheduled! ;) PS I should know this (because you probably already told me) but what is your husband studying? For some reason that fact has slipped into my mental black hole. I hope life is being extra extra kind!!! Love Cari


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