Thursday, May 2, 2013

So Proud!

Last week Brian graduated from BYU with his Bachelor's. I didn't think I'd be very emotional or even excited (because we have quite a few more years of schooling ahead of us) but seeing him try on his cap and gown was kind of exciting. And got me kind of teary too, because it sort of made the fact that we're moving on a little bit more real.

And then attending the Commencement and Convocation was pretty moving too. I cried on and off throughout the whole thing! I cried when a mother and daughter graduated together, when the grads cheered the parents and when we cheered the grads. I cried when a degree was awarded Suma Cum Laude to the student's sister, because she had passed away the semester before. So even though it was looooooong..... It was really worth it.

Here Brian is doing his thing, and us (politely) cheering our guts out:

Isaac had a great time! Ha. Not really. He looked like this most of the time:

 That boy does NOT do well without several regular naps every day. He did better (aka slept) during the Convocation the next day. Uncle Bobby held him most of the time and tried to shield his ears during the many, many rounds of applause that interrupted his slumber:

We hung out for a couple of hours at a social, meeting some of Brian's professors and major friends. Here Isaac looks a bit concerned about daddy's new outfit.

Grandma and Uncle Bobby wait patiently: 

A family shot, minus Brian's mom:

Brian and his mom, Kathy:

Where the fun really happened! Both our families love this place :) 

Great day! I'm so proud of Brian. He accomplished so much as a student and is set to do some great things ahead!

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