Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy American Mother's Day!! (And some Amazing Ladies)

I always seem to miss British Mother's Day (sorry again Mum!), which was a couple of months ago. Luckily American Mother's day is always just around the corner by the time I realize :) I am so grateful for my mum, who I consider one of my best friends, and for all the wonderful mother-figures I've been blessed with over the years!
4 generations of amazing Wilson women :) 
My lovely Mum, who spoils me in every possible way :)

My stepmum Diana, who had the privilege of my helping me through my delightful teen years ;)

And (my most recent addition) Brian's mom, Kathy. One of the best grandma's and baby watchers Isaac's ever met! So grateful to have had them "nearby" for the past few years :) 
My grandmothers (Muriel and Auriel) were amazing women too and we definitely miss them. And there are so many other amazing role-models from my friends' mothers to young women's leaders, I could be writing all day. But I hope they know who they are :) And I'll just end by saying, thank you, ladies, for making me who I am today. You are amazing. And we love you.

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