Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recognition and Respect

I really need to stop reading Feminist Mormon blog posts. It makes me feel sick inside. Partly because some of these women really have had some bad experiences, and partly because I feel like Satan has used this issue to create some of the biggest contention LDS women have ever experienced. Proposition 8 (from what I've experienced in my own little sphere) was not as damaging or permanent as I feel this debate has become for so many. There has been so much nastiness on both sides.

The latest post I read wasn't even one of the extreme variety, but it still tied my stomach up in knots. One of her comments was "For me, it's not about callings or responsibilities, but about recognition and respect." And it got me thinking. Not just about my experiences as a woman in the church, but about what respect and recognition really mean.

Sure, there's been the occasional individual who hasn't valued my opinion or has misrepresented me in some unpleasant way. But that's women and men both, and I've actually felt much more comfortable informing male leaders of their errors than the female ones. Once or twice on my mission I felt the general "vibe" from certain male missionaries that us girls weren't proper missionaries, or didn't work as hard or something. I even got that vibe from a Bishop once. But I saw that as a challenge, a sort of "just wait and see" type thing. And the recognition and respect always followed good work. 


I love this Gospel. And I hope and pray that women or men who struggle with feelings of marginalization in the church (for any reason) can cling on to their faith in Christ and love of fellow man above anything else.       

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  1. I feel the same way about this debate. I want to be open minded and understanding of people's pain. But when criticism of the prophets, scriptures, or family proclamation comes up, it makes me feel sick and my heart hurts.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts; it's nice to know that there are others who feel the same way.


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