Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Sicko

This morning I woke up sick as a dog!

Although I never noticed my dog ever get sick.

Anyway. 3am rolled around and my head and the glands in my neck were so sore I couldn't sleep. Luckily I only had an hour to wait til Brian got up so he could give me a blessing. What a man.

So now I'm sort in the loopy-sick mode and probably shouldn't be blogging... I've been thinking thoughts like "maybe I'll just let my nose run all down my face like a toddler" because my nose is so sore from blowing it so much. Isaac is a bit intrigued by the whole nose-blowing thing and gets a very concerned look on his face every time I do it around him. Poor little boy. It's only 12:30pm and he's already on his 2nd nap... I'm hoping he hasn't caught it. And that he and Brian won't at all.

Here is a cute picture we took last month of Isaac skyping Nanny Lynda...

Love that lady. Think I'm going to have to skype her pretty soon and have a little pity party because there's no one who sympathizes better with big sickos than your mum :) 

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