Thursday, March 28, 2013

The British Are Coming!!!!

I am sooooooo excited!!! My sister and niece are arriving tonight and they'll be staying for just over two weeks!! We live in a tiny 2 bedroom basement so it should be interesting with five people living here!!

Thought I'd just give a quick update on us before they come, as we have big plans for their time here!

  • Brian is interning up in SLC, he takes the frontrunner, buses, and/trax to get there.
  • He is graduating April 25th/26th and he's walking so that should be fun!
  • Still no word on where we're going after this semester.... Brian will probably be able to stay with his company for as long as he likes so we have at least that option. We're still keeping our fingers crossed for the NIH in Maryland though! That would be a great adventure!
  • I passed my driving test on Monday!!!!!!!!!! I failed the first time on the head checks, but I've now been educated and I passed "with flying colors"! I think I was surely the happiest person in the DMV that day! I've only been out a few times on my own but it has been GLORIOUS! The freedom is delicious. Life is just getting more exciting all the time!
  • Isaac will soon be ten months. He is about to taste chocolate for the first time. And not just ANY chocolate.... English chocolate!!!! Kay (my sister) is determined to feed him as much as she can. I'll have to take a video of his reaction.
  • Another thing I'm excited about for these next couple of weeks is the prospect of disposable diapers!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!
  • Also, Isaac now waves (selectively), claps and kisses. Forgot to mention those important skills on my last update. So fun!

This is so blurry but gives you a good idea how much he loves Daddy! 

Sharing a swing with Izzy! She is one his many lady friends and he thinks she is hilarious!

Aaaaaaand something to whet our appetites.... too bad these have already been eaten! Oh how I love Cadbury's Easter eggs :)` 


  1. So exciting!

    Also, Maryland is pretty great- where would he be working if you guys come out here?

  2. I love Isaac's handsome, smiley face! He's adorable! Also, how fun that you have family coming-- I love visitors and when they come from so far away, I bet it's ten times better! :)

  3. Your baby is Sooooo cute! He's looks like a living Kewpie doll. Congratulations on passing your driving test...depending on how the next year unfolds I might actually learn how to drive myself...that will be scary. Cari on the road...heading on the highway...looking for adventure...crashing in the hedgerows... I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear where you'll end up next. Maryland would be interesting. It would be a completely different experience. One of my sisters now lives in WV. Next time I get over to see her I'll be singing John Denver the whole visit. ;) She'll probably make me go running with her...can't sing and run! I wouldn't be running, more like walking faster than slow. I bet you had a fantastic time with K&K. I'm hoping I get to see my young nieces and nephews before they graduate from highschool. Miracles happen! I'm so excited for the next chapter of your life adventure. It will be great wherever you end up.


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