Thursday, March 28, 2013

The British Are Coming!!!!

I am sooooooo excited!!! My sister and niece are arriving tonight and they'll be staying for just over two weeks!! We live in a tiny 2 bedroom basement so it should be interesting with five people living here!!

Thought I'd just give a quick update on us before they come, as we have big plans for their time here!

  • Brian is interning up in SLC, he takes the frontrunner, buses, and/trax to get there.
  • He is graduating April 25th/26th and he's walking so that should be fun!
  • Still no word on where we're going after this semester.... Brian will probably be able to stay with his company for as long as he likes so we have at least that option. We're still keeping our fingers crossed for the NIH in Maryland though! That would be a great adventure!
  • I passed my driving test on Monday!!!!!!!!!! I failed the first time on the head checks, but I've now been educated and I passed "with flying colors"! I think I was surely the happiest person in the DMV that day! I've only been out a few times on my own but it has been GLORIOUS! The freedom is delicious. Life is just getting more exciting all the time!
  • Isaac will soon be ten months. He is about to taste chocolate for the first time. And not just ANY chocolate.... English chocolate!!!! Kay (my sister) is determined to feed him as much as she can. I'll have to take a video of his reaction.
  • Another thing I'm excited about for these next couple of weeks is the prospect of disposable diapers!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!
  • Also, Isaac now waves (selectively), claps and kisses. Forgot to mention those important skills on my last update. So fun!

This is so blurry but gives you a good idea how much he loves Daddy! 

Sharing a swing with Izzy! She is one his many lady friends and he thinks she is hilarious!

Aaaaaaand something to whet our appetites.... too bad these have already been eaten! Oh how I love Cadbury's Easter eggs :)` 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Isaac's 9-month Stats:

We took the boy to his nine-month check up last Friday. There were (thankfully!) no shots involved so it was just to see how he's doing. 

And he's doing great! Hitting all the milestones and flirting with our cute doctor to boot! 

Here's his stats:
Height - 28 inches (about 47th percentile)
Weight - 22.1 pounds (75th percentile)
Head circumference - (25th percentile)

And of course some more photos from the past couple of months!
Cruising at Nickelcity!

First time at the Temple :)

Love this funny little boy! (This is a blinking shot but I thought it was so funny I thought I'd share... plus you can see his tufty little mo-hawk:)
With Grampa Earley over the Christmas holidays. (That's his stocking on his head, by the way:)

Oh, almost forgot to tell you about his new skills!

  • He crawls!! (I'll have to post a video of this later, it's more like doing the worm than a normal crawl but it's working!)
  • He eats food! Since our 9 month check up he's even tried chicken, yoghurt, string cheese... and probably a few other things! Life just gets better and better for our little gourmand :)
  • He says "mama", "Dadada", and a bunch of other sounds. The former is my personal favorite :) Not sure he really knows what he's saying but I'm happy giving him the benefit of the doubt on this! He'll also say "hiii" imitating me occasionally, though it usually comes out just "iiiiii". So cute!
  • He's just started pulling himself up on things and will walk if you let him hold onto your fingers
  • He loves people and will stare you down until you acknowledge his cuteness. Or smile. Church is his favorite as there are so many pretty ladies he just adores! He also LOVES children. We just met up with some friends whose oldest is about 2 and a half... Isaac thought everything he did was hiLARious!! (He is getting a great sense of humor too.)
  • He likes playing with toys. Right now his fave is an altoids tin (a small metal mints container). It's filled with random bits making it a perfect noisemaker. Other toys he loves include his Sophie Le Giraffe (thanks Siobhan!!), and his keyboard (thanks Grandma!), and anything British. (Let the brainwashing begin! hahaha... jk...;)
  • Still sleeps from about 9/930pm til 630/7am. As well as naps for an hour or two 2 to 4 times every day. (Fingers crossed that whole waking-up-and-playing-for-an-hour-at-2am thing is gone forever!)
  • Has been able to hold his own bottle for a little while. We just put water in it.... 
  • hmmm.... well this is getting less and less interesting.... I can't think of anything else right now. Know that he is such a friendly baby and we just love him!  So grateful he's ours!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nine Months

Our chubby little boy turned nine months today!! Time is flying. I've been terrible at blogging so here's a quick photo-update of Isaac since October. We haven't been to his check-up yet so I'll post his stats and some more info about milestones at some point after that :)


Isaac sees a truck for the first time!

I love these boys!!!!

Goodness these legs are so chubby!!! I'm told Isaac is starting to thin out and I am going to miss these babies!!

Nose crinkles!
"Blue Steel" :)

Fancy photos taken by our wonderful and talented friend Rachael, to see more pictures from that fun shoot, click here :)

(A few comments from the boy himself...:) 

We love this little boy!
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