Monday, February 25, 2013


Isaac's decided he needs more quality time with me. (Approximately an hour and a half, almost every night this past month.) I took this picture this morning, around 3:30am:)

I think "chiaroscuro" might just be the only term I remember from my several humanities classes in college. It's the interplay between light and shade. I love it. It's sort of a life metaphor, the juxtaposition of good and bad in our lives. I like the idea that without the hard/painful/boring bits of life (the shade) we wouldn't realize how glorious (or bright) the good is. 

I think perhaps one of the keys to real joy is not in ignoring the bad, but accepting it and using it to help us see more clearly the true goodness around us every day.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

My 2013 "Word"

I recently found a blog that I just love. Every year she chooses a word to focus on, relating to what's going on in her and her family's lives. And I've decided to do the same!

So, drum roll please...... 2013 word is: "JOY".

Specifically, finding joy in my roles as WIFE and MOTHER. 

My life is so good, but I don't always appreciate it. I forget how wonderful my husband is and how delightful my baby is. I love them so much, yet sometimes my thoughts and actions don't naturally flow from that fact. 

I am particularly determined to find more joy in motherhood. Like so many women, adapting hasn't been the easiest for me. Until quite recently I don't think I really understood what it means (for me) to be a mother. It's taken a while but I'm grateful for the struggle and process, because I believe it means I'll value the knowledge more highly and be less likely (lets hope!) of forgetting it.

So here goes!  2013 is now officially my year of joy!  

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