Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye, Provo!

 Even though we left Provo over three months ago I can’t help but record some of the wonderful things we got to do and the wonderful people we got to see before all the details get fuzzy.

Brian and Isaac (probably per my request) dressed to match to go get ice-cream with one of my favorite mission companions and her husband. This is right before we got in our car that promptly died (ours is not the one in the background). I wish I’d gotten a picture of another good friend, Dustin, who lived right across the street and has an amazing gift with cars. Thanks again Dustin!!!

This is “Sister Bell” and her husband Conrad. If you’ve ever heard me tell a crazy mission story it was most probably with this lady. They are awesome. So grateful we could catch up before we left town. We also got to glimpse the almost-finished house they bought (which they’re now living in)!

Here we are. I love Isaac’s face… probably something to do with that fact that he has something other than ice-cream in his hands….

This is my good friend Kim. Kim is from England. About 20 minutes away from me. And we go way back…. Way back to my Junior year of College! Ha. We always laugh about how crazy it was that we met in a BYU ward and not back home. Love these guys! We have been through thick and thin these past years.
From January to May, Brian spent his final semester as an intern at Myriad genetics. To save money (and because this man of mine has a strange affinity for public transport) he opted to take the brand new frontrunner train from Provo to SLC every day. It meant he had to walk or get the bus there, then take that train, then take trax and often one more bus. It was a looong commute and Isaac and I missed him! I think it was just about 4 hours per day(!) and although he got a lot of reading done I don’t think he’s going to do that kind of commute ever again. He was a trooper though and was often up by 4:30am to be home by 7 so he could have a little quality time with us before an early night. What a man!

Brian loves Pizza, and one of his requests for before we left Utah was for me to come up to SLC and go to The Pie together. It was sooo good! We had the BBQ cilantro pizza and it was DEElicious. (It was so good I forgot to take a picture until it was too late!) The atmosphere is pretty unique too. Kind of like a family-bar-metro feel. Right above us was a huge Budweiser florescent light. And the walls are full of graffiti from the many people who’ve been there over the years. I love Isaac’s face again here…

I think this may have been the same day as the Pie. We drove around and saw some of the sights of SLC. We were trying to get to the capital and this is as close as we got before we realized we needed to get the babe home because he was DONE with sightseeing J

My old roommate Debbie gave me a ton of awesome clothes and toys for Isaac when I last saw her. This little gem was one of our favorites! Ha. Unfortunately he only got to wear it once before we moved and somehow it didn’t make its way to MD with us… But luckily I got a picture. Doesn't make his thighs look delicious!?!

This is my neighbor Rachel and her baby Connie. Rachel was my roommate before I got married and we had a blast! I was so glad I could get together with her and her cute baby properly before we left. It is so fun to have good friends you’ve known before and after husbands and babies! We walked and then ended up at the park along with some other friends:
This is Jamie, one of my favorite people ever. So sad this picture is blurry! She was my VT the last year I was in Provo and we got to be great friends. Her little boy McKay is a few months younger than Isaac and it was so much fun to be able to get together with her and our other mothers’ group friends so often. Jamie also made me an awesome goodbye candy poster for the day we left. We still have some of the candy in our glove box (is that gross?) but I like it because it reminds me of good friends :)
This is Bekah (who is actually taking care of another friend’s kids!). She is so fun. I will always remember her teaching us ladies about working out because she had us do three minutes of squats and I was sore for about a week! Ha. But she is awesome and I wish we’d become friends sooner!
Isaac J

The night before we headed out our friends the Albrechtsens and the Rhotens threw us a goodbye shindig. This is Hannah bear, one of Isaac’s first ever lady friends. They’d kiss and steal each other’s toys. Hannah liked to feed Isaac her snacks. He had a pretty good thing going. Unfortunately this is the only picture I got the whole evening!! So mad at myself because so many of our good friends came. I’m going to excuse myself and say “I was living in the moment”. It really was a fun night.
The drive begins! We left after church for Idaho, with all our earthly possessions either previously sent to be stored by gracious relations, or in that car! Isaac is comfortably snuggled in his car seat back there somewhere. I couldn’t actually see him so to tell if he’d fallen asleep or not I put the camera in movie mode and Brian would hold it over his shoulder…  Luckily that boy takes long naps!  After we arrived at Brian’s parents’ house we slept one night before sending Brian off to Maryland with an EVEN MORE STUFFED car. If you can believe it. A five day road trip wasn’t going to happen for Isaac and I so we enjoyed being spoiled by Brian’s family and preparing for Melisa’s (Brian’s sister’s) wedding! It was nice to have something to focus on while we waited for Brian to fly back for the big day J

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Isaac at One Year

 So Isaac turned one at the beginning of June. Here are some of his stats and a few recent photos:
  • He is still crawling mostly. He walks well with a finger or a couch or wall to hold onto for balance.
  • He loves to climb. He’ll try and climb up anything. He loves the park and can climb up a small slide without help.
  • He is as flirty and social as ever. He still gives the occasional bashful swoon and gives lots of kisses when he feels inclined.
  • His favorite things to play with are balls, cars, and anything with buttons or wires. It’s so funny to see him say “arro” into his calculator as if it’s a cell phone. (Although we’ve also seen him do this with balls, cars, and even once, a diaper!)
  • He’s “talking” more and more. He says Mama, mum, dada, ball, mow (which is what cats, cows and dogs say), all done, and sometimes says “I love you” and once “amen” although he’s not super consistent.
  • He still takes two naps each day, each about 2 ½ hours long.
  • He loves his books and likes to turn the pages. He loves me to read them with him but also enjoys going through them on his own, usually upside down.
  • He has 7 teeth.
  • He was 23.3 pounds and 28 inches long at his last check up a month or so ago, which is 79th% for weight and 2nd% for height (quite a drop from 47th% but we’ll see what how he measures next time).
  • He still loves bananas but has recently discovered blueberries. He prefers them to pretty much everything else. He also enjoys peanut butter a lot, oatmeal, graham crackers, apple juice, water, butter on toast, yoghurts, sweet potatoes, and pretty much any kind of fruit.
  • He is still chubby, but his ankles are now slowly materializing. I’m hoping this means we’ll soon be able to find a pair of shoes that will stay on his feet!
  • He drinks from a sippy cup. He likes to drink from a regular cup too but left alone will pour it all over himself.
  • He gives high fives.
  • He helps put his toys back in their basket.
  • He enjoys brushing his teeth at night.
  • He cries when daddy leaves for work.
  • And some of his dislikes: Not having free access to the cupboards, having to lie still for diaper changes, washing his face, having to wait to be fed, and not getting his naps.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Update: Hello Maryland!!!!!!!

So. Just realized I went from "we don't know what we're doing next year" to "we're moving soon" without any hint of what/where/when.... whoops!

Sometime in the middle of April, Brian had a skype interview for a position at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) for a PostBac (12 month internship). Brian said it went terribly, so of course he was offered the position the following morning. After a few days of us praying and deliberating he accepted! And now we are back East!

Brian drove the car out, stuffed to the brim with (almost) all our earthly possessions. It took four long days. Then he flew back and we went to Melisa and Steve's wedding. Which was a blast, by the way :) Then we all flew out together and stayed with the incredibly kind and patient Eggett's for a couple of weeks before our apartment opened up.

Other than the stifling humidity on some days, we are just loving it here! It is beautiful and fun and the people have been so nice. Oh, and one of my favorite old roommates just happens to be in our ward :)

Photos to follow!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy American Mother's Day!! (And some Amazing Ladies)

I always seem to miss British Mother's Day (sorry again Mum!), which was a couple of months ago. Luckily American Mother's day is always just around the corner by the time I realize :) I am so grateful for my mum, who I consider one of my best friends, and for all the wonderful mother-figures I've been blessed with over the years!
4 generations of amazing Wilson women :) 
My lovely Mum, who spoils me in every possible way :)

My stepmum Diana, who had the privilege of my helping me through my delightful teen years ;)

And (my most recent addition) Brian's mom, Kathy. One of the best grandma's and baby watchers Isaac's ever met! So grateful to have had them "nearby" for the past few years :) 
My grandmothers (Muriel and Auriel) were amazing women too and we definitely miss them. And there are so many other amazing role-models from my friends' mothers to young women's leaders, I could be writing all day. But I hope they know who they are :) And I'll just end by saying, thank you, ladies, for making me who I am today. You are amazing. And we love you.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So Proud!

Last week Brian graduated from BYU with his Bachelor's. I didn't think I'd be very emotional or even excited (because we have quite a few more years of schooling ahead of us) but seeing him try on his cap and gown was kind of exciting. And got me kind of teary too, because it sort of made the fact that we're moving on a little bit more real.

And then attending the Commencement and Convocation was pretty moving too. I cried on and off throughout the whole thing! I cried when a mother and daughter graduated together, when the grads cheered the parents and when we cheered the grads. I cried when a degree was awarded Suma Cum Laude to the student's sister, because she had passed away the semester before. So even though it was looooooong..... It was really worth it.

Here Brian is doing his thing, and us (politely) cheering our guts out:

Isaac had a great time! Ha. Not really. He looked like this most of the time:

 That boy does NOT do well without several regular naps every day. He did better (aka slept) during the Convocation the next day. Uncle Bobby held him most of the time and tried to shield his ears during the many, many rounds of applause that interrupted his slumber:

We hung out for a couple of hours at a social, meeting some of Brian's professors and major friends. Here Isaac looks a bit concerned about daddy's new outfit.

Grandma and Uncle Bobby wait patiently: 

A family shot, minus Brian's mom:

Brian and his mom, Kathy:

Where the fun really happened! Both our families love this place :) 

Great day! I'm so proud of Brian. He accomplished so much as a student and is set to do some great things ahead!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Sicko

This morning I woke up sick as a dog!

Although I never noticed my dog ever get sick.

Anyway. 3am rolled around and my head and the glands in my neck were so sore I couldn't sleep. Luckily I only had an hour to wait til Brian got up so he could give me a blessing. What a man.

So now I'm sort in the loopy-sick mode and probably shouldn't be blogging... I've been thinking thoughts like "maybe I'll just let my nose run all down my face like a toddler" because my nose is so sore from blowing it so much. Isaac is a bit intrigued by the whole nose-blowing thing and gets a very concerned look on his face every time I do it around him. Poor little boy. It's only 12:30pm and he's already on his 2nd nap... I'm hoping he hasn't caught it. And that he and Brian won't at all.

Here is a cute picture we took last month of Isaac skyping Nanny Lynda...

Love that lady. Think I'm going to have to skype her pretty soon and have a little pity party because there's no one who sympathizes better with big sickos than your mum :) 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recognition and Respect

I really need to stop reading Feminist Mormon blog posts. It makes me feel sick inside. Partly because some of these women really have had some bad experiences, and partly because I feel like Satan has used this issue to create some of the biggest contention LDS women have ever experienced. Proposition 8 (from what I've experienced in my own little sphere) was not as damaging or permanent as I feel this debate has become for so many. There has been so much nastiness on both sides.

The latest post I read wasn't even one of the extreme variety, but it still tied my stomach up in knots. One of her comments was "For me, it's not about callings or responsibilities, but about recognition and respect." And it got me thinking. Not just about my experiences as a woman in the church, but about what respect and recognition really mean.

Sure, there's been the occasional individual who hasn't valued my opinion or has misrepresented me in some unpleasant way. But that's women and men both, and I've actually felt much more comfortable informing male leaders of their errors than the female ones. Once or twice on my mission I felt the general "vibe" from certain male missionaries that us girls weren't proper missionaries, or didn't work as hard or something. I even got that vibe from a Bishop once. But I saw that as a challenge, a sort of "just wait and see" type thing. And the recognition and respect always followed good work. 


I love this Gospel. And I hope and pray that women or men who struggle with feelings of marginalization in the church (for any reason) can cling on to their faith in Christ and love of fellow man above anything else.       

Friday, April 19, 2013

Something to work on...

Summer 2011. My little brother's favorite place to eat is a rest stop :) 
"Their dinner hour and the family time that follows become the center of their day and the object of their best efforts. "

Wow. This is a quote from Elder Clayton's talk from general conference earlier this month. I've just been reading over the talk again and this particular sentence struck a chord.

I grew up having a family dinner at least 6 times each week. (This picture above was a special treat during our holiday:) Being at family dinner was an expectation, not an option. Even though I took it for granted, I can clearly see in hindsight that it gave our family the structure it needed. We gathered and discussed. We touched base. 

Time magazine has an awesome article about the magic of mealtime, and how significant it is to have regular family meals. Here's one quote:

"Studies show that the more often families eat together, the less likely kids are to smoke, drink, do drugs, get depressed, develop eating disorders and consider suicide, and the more likely they are to do well in school, delay having sex, eat their vegetables, learn big words and know which fork to use."

And yet, since I've been married, I've somehow forgotten the real meaning behind the family meal, and often we'll eat something quickly, sitting on the couch, and then move on to something else. 

I'm grateful for the reminder to make it a priority, and "the object of [my] best efforts". I'm trying really hard to develop family traditions, and I know if I don't start now it might be too late or too inconvenient or something when my kids are old enough to really need it.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The British Are Coming!!!!

I am sooooooo excited!!! My sister and niece are arriving tonight and they'll be staying for just over two weeks!! We live in a tiny 2 bedroom basement so it should be interesting with five people living here!!

Thought I'd just give a quick update on us before they come, as we have big plans for their time here!

  • Brian is interning up in SLC, he takes the frontrunner, buses, and/trax to get there.
  • He is graduating April 25th/26th and he's walking so that should be fun!
  • Still no word on where we're going after this semester.... Brian will probably be able to stay with his company for as long as he likes so we have at least that option. We're still keeping our fingers crossed for the NIH in Maryland though! That would be a great adventure!
  • I passed my driving test on Monday!!!!!!!!!! I failed the first time on the head checks, but I've now been educated and I passed "with flying colors"! I think I was surely the happiest person in the DMV that day! I've only been out a few times on my own but it has been GLORIOUS! The freedom is delicious. Life is just getting more exciting all the time!
  • Isaac will soon be ten months. He is about to taste chocolate for the first time. And not just ANY chocolate.... English chocolate!!!! Kay (my sister) is determined to feed him as much as she can. I'll have to take a video of his reaction.
  • Another thing I'm excited about for these next couple of weeks is the prospect of disposable diapers!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!
  • Also, Isaac now waves (selectively), claps and kisses. Forgot to mention those important skills on my last update. So fun!

This is so blurry but gives you a good idea how much he loves Daddy! 

Sharing a swing with Izzy! She is one his many lady friends and he thinks she is hilarious!

Aaaaaaand something to whet our appetites.... too bad these have already been eaten! Oh how I love Cadbury's Easter eggs :)` 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Isaac's 9-month Stats:

We took the boy to his nine-month check up last Friday. There were (thankfully!) no shots involved so it was just to see how he's doing. 

And he's doing great! Hitting all the milestones and flirting with our cute doctor to boot! 

Here's his stats:
Height - 28 inches (about 47th percentile)
Weight - 22.1 pounds (75th percentile)
Head circumference - (25th percentile)

And of course some more photos from the past couple of months!
Cruising at Nickelcity!

First time at the Temple :)

Love this funny little boy! (This is a blinking shot but I thought it was so funny I thought I'd share... plus you can see his tufty little mo-hawk:)
With Grampa Earley over the Christmas holidays. (That's his stocking on his head, by the way:)

Oh, almost forgot to tell you about his new skills!

  • He crawls!! (I'll have to post a video of this later, it's more like doing the worm than a normal crawl but it's working!)
  • He eats food! Since our 9 month check up he's even tried chicken, yoghurt, string cheese... and probably a few other things! Life just gets better and better for our little gourmand :)
  • He says "mama", "Dadada", and a bunch of other sounds. The former is my personal favorite :) Not sure he really knows what he's saying but I'm happy giving him the benefit of the doubt on this! He'll also say "hiii" imitating me occasionally, though it usually comes out just "iiiiii". So cute!
  • He's just started pulling himself up on things and will walk if you let him hold onto your fingers
  • He loves people and will stare you down until you acknowledge his cuteness. Or smile. Church is his favorite as there are so many pretty ladies he just adores! He also LOVES children. We just met up with some friends whose oldest is about 2 and a half... Isaac thought everything he did was hiLARious!! (He is getting a great sense of humor too.)
  • He likes playing with toys. Right now his fave is an altoids tin (a small metal mints container). It's filled with random bits making it a perfect noisemaker. Other toys he loves include his Sophie Le Giraffe (thanks Siobhan!!), and his keyboard (thanks Grandma!), and anything British. (Let the brainwashing begin! hahaha... jk...;)
  • Still sleeps from about 9/930pm til 630/7am. As well as naps for an hour or two 2 to 4 times every day. (Fingers crossed that whole waking-up-and-playing-for-an-hour-at-2am thing is gone forever!)
  • Has been able to hold his own bottle for a little while. We just put water in it.... 
  • hmmm.... well this is getting less and less interesting.... I can't think of anything else right now. Know that he is such a friendly baby and we just love him!  So grateful he's ours!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nine Months

Our chubby little boy turned nine months today!! Time is flying. I've been terrible at blogging so here's a quick photo-update of Isaac since October. We haven't been to his check-up yet so I'll post his stats and some more info about milestones at some point after that :)


Isaac sees a truck for the first time!

I love these boys!!!!

Goodness these legs are so chubby!!! I'm told Isaac is starting to thin out and I am going to miss these babies!!

Nose crinkles!
"Blue Steel" :)

Fancy photos taken by our wonderful and talented friend Rachael, to see more pictures from that fun shoot, click here :)

(A few comments from the boy himself...:) 

We love this little boy!
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