Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The "Best-Of" Thrifty Date Idea List

I originally made this list as part of a wedding gift and I thought I'd share :)

I've been scouring the internet for a while for THE best cheap date ideas around and here's what I've come up with! Some of these would be perfect for a group date, with kids, or just the two of you.

I chose dates that don't require much planning or cash and seemed the most interesting and doable. Enjoy!
©   Take the awesome 5 love languages quiz! Make a goal to love your spouse in his/her love language this week:
©   Go on a “dessert only date”. Eat a simple meal at home and then splurge on a fancy dessert at your favorite restaurant!
©   Make your own fondue! Melt a bag of chocolate chips in your crockpot and dip fresh fruit, marshmallows, cake, cookies, or pretzels.
©   Take a walk around your neighborhood and discuss what your ideal home would look like.
©   Dollar date! Eat off of the dollar menu and then hit up the dollar store. Split up and buy something funny/meaningful that reminds you of your spouse.
©   Game Night! Pull out your board games and see who the games master is! Invite another couple to make it extra fun!
©   Homemade pizza! Make a pizza together from scratch! (Or almost from scratch!J)
©   Be a tourist in your own city. List the local attractions you’ve never explored, pick one, and plan an outing for FHE or a date night with another couple.  
©   Go to a thrift store and pick out an outfit for your spouse to try on. Be as outrageous as you like. Take pictures!
©   Have a picnic in a local park. If you don’t have time to prepare a full meal pick up a pizza. For cold weather, be sure to have a flask of hot cocoa!
©   Go to a play! Whether at your local theater or the local high school, there’s usually something going on. Afterwards discuss why you liked or disliked it.
©   Check out a local museum. Take a guided tour if possible. Talk about what you like and don’t like. Learn something new!
©   Living room campout! Take the mattress into the living room (or set up a tent!), watch a movie and roast mini s’mores over a candle! (Chocolate chip, mini marshmallow with a toothpick & life cereal.)
©   Volunteer for an hour or two at a soup kitchen, old people’s home, or somewhere else they could use a helping hand.
©   Ask a couple you know if you can babysit their children for an evening while they go on a date or to the temple. Practice your parenting skills!
©   Go to the Temple. Take your time and discuss things on your mind or things you learned.
©   Have a coupon date! Only do things you have a coupon for. Check out: and find your city!
©   Take a drive to somewhere pretty. Discuss the future family traditions you’d like to have.
©   Movie marathon! Find a trilogy or series you love. Start early and be prepared with snacks! Great ideas include Pride and Prejudice, LOTR, Harry Potter, or Star Wars.
©   Have a spa night. Learn how to massage and practice on each other. De-stress! Light some candles & play relaxing music.
©   Try a new restaurant in your area. Ask the waiter what he/she recommends and try the suggestion.
©   Get to know each other better with these downloadable 20 questions: Print them, take snacks and enjoy each other.
©   Write a bucket list. List things you want to do before you die and then go do one and cross it off!
©   Have a gratitude date. Talk about people who have positively affected your lives and write and mail them a note of thanks.
©   Go to the local arcade! Challenge each other, go solo, team up, then and buy something with the tickets you win!
©   Make a goals time capsule! Discuss your goals and write down 5, 10, and 30 year goals. Write the date when they should be opened. Store in an appropriate place.
©   Plan a restaurant-at-home date! Find a copycat recipe from your favorite recipe and make it together at home. Include a dessert, too, if you’re feeling creative!
©   Go for a walk. If it’s cold, wrap up have some hot cocoa waiting for you. If it’s hot, have smoothie ingredients ready to go.
©   Go to your local pool room. Spend an hour seeing who the real pool shark is and then get some ice-cream.
©   Go to your local library and check out your favorite movies as kids. Make your favorite treats from childhood and talk about what you wanted to be when you grew up.
©   Snuggle up on the couch and read together. Share your favorite book, a church book, or a Newbery award winner and take turns reading. 

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