Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Once I was Famous (And other General Conference Reflections)

I can't believe General Conference was only like a month and half ago! I got to go to the Relief Society broadcast AGAIN this year! It was so, so great. Especially Sister Reeves' talk. Lovely.

Another great thing was that one of the official looking photographers was following us and I was just SURE we were going to be in the November Ensign... So (of course) as soon as it arrived I scoured the whole thing and, nope, me and my cute friends were nowhere to be seen! So gutting. Then I whipped out this old clip and I felt much better. Me and the brethren. I think it was October 2009, just after I got home from my mission. Good times! (By the way, feel free skip to about 2:20 to get right to my 4 seconds of fame:)

They sort of made out I came all the way from England, even though I told them I was a BYU student... honest!

Well, at least now I can focus on the talks! (And there's always next year!!) Just kidding... Well... mostly ;)

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