Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Isaac at 3 months

He's got that Old Spice "I'm in a bath" look going on here.

3 months already!

On Sunday Isaac turned 3 months. He has become so much fun. Motherhood is definitely getting easier and more fun all the time! Here are some fun facts:
  • Approximately 16½ lbs, usually sporting 6-9 months sized clothing(!). This has generated such nicknames as "hunka chunka" (as in "hunka-chunka burnin' love" (obviously)), "turkey legs", and "the chubby one". He also has other non-weight related appellations like "cute face", "lovely boy" and other mushiness, which we're hoping will prevent any potential complexes :)
  • Sleeps through the night now!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm pretty excited about this one.)
  • Still loves his bath and is splashing more and more!
  • Is enjoying tummy-time fractionally more, thanks to his new toy from Grandma and Grandpa Earley
  • Smiles more than ever... and has even laughed a handful of times! 
  • Is more interested in screens now. He We are both mesmerized by his Baby Einstein's Mozart DVD... (thanks Deb!)
  • Loves to lay on his back and kick
  • Snorts when he cries hard... it's hard to take him seriously sometimes!
  • Babbles and makes a variety of different sounds. His vocabulary mostly consists of "glue", "blue", "ma!" (when upset), "uhgul", and "blabla". Very fun. Sometimes he'll go into a monologue for a minute or so, or he'll stop eating suddenly and yell something very important, smile, and then finish his meal.
  • Hates his bumbo... probably because he's so chubby and his thighs don't fit into it very well.
  • Really loves people watching and is more interested in them than with toys so far
Can't quite sit up on his own yet, but we're (hopefully) close! 

He looks so grown up in his 6 month clothes! Thanks Natasha for this awesome outfit!

At the park in his Elvis shirt (courtesy of Auntie Lisa)

I just love those invisible eyebrows!

"Bow-ties are cool!"
Decked out for church in his "big boy" trousers and velcro bow-tie (courtesy of Auntie Kay). 
And here's a little video of Isaac giggling a little bit. Apparently me shouting "ye-yeah!" is really funny :)

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  1. He is so cute!!! I love all the pictures, and how you are documenting his progression. Love it!


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