Monday, September 3, 2012

Can you make no-bakes with margarine?

Can you substitute margarine for butter when making no-bakes?

{When you google this question nothing helpful comes up so I thought I'd share and prevent some potential flops!}
We love no-bakes around here and recently we've been making a ton of them. When we found we were out of butter a few weeks ago I started experimenting with margarine (which is conveniently cheaper, too). I generally use this recipe from, it's fast, reliable, and tasty.

The recipe calls for 1/2 a cup (or one stick) of butter. 

If you substitute the entire amount with margarine, the no-bakes won't set properly (even if you boil them for a little longer). We ended up putting ours in the freezer, but even then they stuck to the paper and got us really messy. The taste was fine, slightly margariney to me, but fine.

Half butter, half margarine (4 tablespoons or half a stick of each) turned out really well, as long as you make sure to boil them the whole minute and a half. They set well while retaining a nice gooey texture.

Lastly, using slightly more margarine than butter also works ok. The no-bakes in the photo are made with approximately 5 Ts of margarine to 3 Ts of butter. These I boiled for almost 2 minutes which made them set well but dried them out more than usual.

Good luck!

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