Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bucketlist item #1: Rehiking the Y!

About two weeks ago our good friends the Rhotens babysat for us while we re-hiked the Y!

Hiking the Y was our second date (about three years ago now) and it was magical. It was the first time hiking it for either of us. This time it was mostly painful. Apparently two years of marriage and giving birth can do a number on your body... who knew?! Haha. But it was a lot of fun, and it was the first time we've been out without the baby for a real date. 
This is where the hike starts. Our jackets stayed on for probably 5 minutes! 
Us cracking up about something...
Us still cracking up about something
Brian ruining a perfectly good photo. (Switchback #1, I believe.)
This is the last (of 12 long, steep) switch backs. Can you tell Brian is pushing me in this one? I'm not sure I would've made it otherwise! In fact I'm not sure I would've made it had Brian not kept telling me "I think this is the last one!"
Right by the Y! Me with an incredibly red face, notwithstanding the help from Brian. Did you know you're not actually supposed to sit on the Y? I think we missed that sign the first time!
Celebrating our victory with some german chocolate goodness! (Perfect energy boost.)
On the way down. Wow, I'm photogenic...
Going down was definitely more difficult than going up. Thankfully I had Brian to hold onto because my jelly legs wouldn't have managed the steep declines otherwise!
And here's my lovely collage of the view!
Now almost two weeks have passed and I'm finally recovered. The first few days (okay week) afterwards I was ridiculously sore and would hobble around like an old lady. So embarrassing. 
Oh, well! Good times.


  1. Sounds so fun! The last time I hiked the Y was soo much harder than anytime before. Having a baby can do that!

  2. This is so cute!!!! You two make a fun couple! So glad we are friends! And thanks for letting me hang out with Isaac for a little while :)

  3. You can't sit on the Y anymore? That's the whole point of hiking up there!

    1. The sign looked pretty old so I think we just missed it the first time lol :)


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