Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homemaking Epiphany

50s cook
A couple of days ago I had an epiphany. You could call it a revelation. I suddenly realized that if I want something done, I've got to do it myself.


I don't mean this in an angry I-have-to-do-everything-around-here! type of a way. (I have an extremely helpful husband.) But it really did dawn on me that if I really do want a clean home or delicious meals or a calm atmosphere at home, then it really is up to me to create that. I can't wait for someone else to do it for me.

Today I made a list of some good things I want to always have in my life. They include having a wonderful relationship with Brian, having a happy, well rested baby (and family!), dressing well and looking nice, service, a healthy body, a spirit-filled home, a clean home, helping my family financially through using my talents, lifelong learning, and constantly working on personal goals. These are things I'm committed to work on, and I'm the only one who can make them happen!


  1. I like what you did here - especially the list of things you want to have always in your life! You've inspired me to do the same. Thanks! And let's hang out soon!

    1. Heidi! You are so welcome. I've been trying to figure out a way to hang out with you without making you drive over to Provo (me not having a driver's licence and all)... Can Brian and I come over sometime with dinner??

  2. Agreed. This is definitely inspiring: I love the list and want to make one too. I realized this summer while watching people who'd always lived with their parents that recognizing that-- that you're responsible now for your home and your needs--is really such a great blessing! I hope I can teach my children that responsibility.

  3. It's true, but I find there are some things I just can't do...that's when I ask the Goblin to "help" me (ie do it for me). Sadly that doesn't include vacuuming though if he gets tired of the floor looking a mess he will get out the hoover and do it himself (I never discourage this). ;) Some people have a talent for making a home really homey. When that talent was announced I think I was staring at the stars...or listening to a story. I missed the mathematics line as well. I thought I was in line behind Isaac Newton and found it was really some bewigged gentleman excited by the prospect of inventing toilets and plumbing. On learning my mistake I exited the line to find the right one and got distracted by the distant landscape. I never did acquire any mathematical ability; thank goodness I live in the age of calculators. Speaking of toilets, on Friday I was in Stamford at the antique center and they have the cutest Georgian commode. It's about the size of a small chest of drawers, but the top half lifts up and folds back revealing it's a seat containing a chamber pot. It's tempting! I'd put it in the living room and put a plant in it. See this is why my home will never look homey! I'm going to end up one of those weird old ladies with lots of cats minus the cats.


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