Monday, August 20, 2012

Green Smoothie Tip - How to use the chunky bits

Since my relief society's "healthy smoothie" activity on Saturday, I've been on an amazing green smoothie kick! They are (ahem) can be really tasty and I feel so good after drinking one. Sunday I made Brian and I a "Green Bananas" (Bananas, Kale, cinnamon, etc) for breakfast and this morning I created some cucumber-grape deliciousness.

My only issue with these is the texture. My blender doesn't get it perfectly smooth, resulting in a little chewing after each sip. Gross, right? The simple solution to this is straining it. It works really well and leaves the drink super-smooth. 

But then you're left with a few tablespoons of green mush... green mush that is probably amazingly good for me. I wanted to use it for something. After some experimenting, here are my top 3 ways to use up those chunky, mushy bits:
  1. Dip/Salad Dressing
  2. Soup 
  3. Pasta Sauce
With each of these you just mix in the "mush" with your regular recipe.

Today I had about 3 table spoons of mush, and mixed it with two dollops of ranch dressing. It is delicious, filling, and makes some nutrient-rich ranch!

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