Friday, July 13, 2012

Isaac Smiles

Isaac started smiling about a week ago! It is so nice. Here's a video I took today. 
Excuse the baby talk :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

I had a baby! (Pictures from the hospital)

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally posting pictures of our little boy! Isaac is now a little over 5 weeks old and we are enjoying him more and more!

The Birth story, in a nutshell: I woke up with contractions at about 3am. They got pretty painful (but were still irregular) at 10am, so we went to the hospital to see if I was actually in labor. I was dilating so they kept me in and at 3.30pm I had the epidural (which was actually kind of painful and made me feel quite sick). Then I stopped dilating, cue pitocin/oxytocin and breaking my water. Then I dilated really fast. At about 6:30pm we started pushing, and at 7:21pm Isaac James was born 9 pounds and 3.5 ounces!! I got to hold him for about 30 seconds then they took him to the NICU as they were worried about his oxygen saturation and blood sugar levels. Then my placenta wouldn't come out (even after some very painful "massaging" for half an hour) which meant more drugs plus a surgeon (VERY painful!)

Where we delivered, and I'd definitely recommend it!
My mum doing sudoku while we hang out in our delivery room
Me, hooked up to all kinds of things
Isaac when he first arrived! He's cute and puffy here :) That's daddy's hand.
Brian tries to protect Isaac's face from his fingernails.
Isaac's "Stork bite" black-eye and his scratched up face! 
Isaac & I hanging out at the NICU, where he stayed for 5 days. Isaac's breathing and blood sugar were fine after the next tests but another test had high protein levels suggesting an infection. Even though they couldn't find any infection, they wanted to keep him on antibiotics a full 5 days. 
Then Isaac got some Jaundice and became..."Super" Isaac! Luckily it went away really quickly. 
Where we stayed once I was officially discharged
Our room :)
About to leave! So happy, so tired!

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