Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life List

On the ferry travelling to an island off the coast of Scotland

Inspired by this lady and this book, I have decided to compile a life list! (Also referred to as a bucket list, but agreeably less morbid.) 

It's random, disorganized, and definitely not set in stone but I think it'll help me keep life fun and exciting over the next few years of raising children! 
  1. Get a pedicure
  2. Find a French penpal
  3. Have a pizza-in-the-park picnic with Brian
  4. Write a novel
  5. Write a memoir/autobiography 
  6. Be part of a bookclub
  7. Be involved in local government
  8. Take a photo a day for a month
  9. Get a professional massage
  10. Get married
  11. Have a baby
  12. Have more children
  13. Have a dog (again)
  14. Study a religion I'm unfamiliar with
  15. Go to Alaska
  16. Try tofu
  17. Take Brian to the UK to meet all my relations
  18. Grow (and be able to eat) my own vegetables
  19. Grow flowers
  20. Take a campus tour at BYU
  21. Own and run a B&B (or maybe just have a great house for friends and family to come visit us in one day)
  22. Go to a spa
  23. Volunteer with the elderly and/or disabled again
  24. Memorize the seminary scriptures again
  25. Get another degree
  26. Watch the sunrise from a beautiful spot
  27. Memorize the location of every known country in the world (Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania, Antarctica)
  28. Get a driver's licence
  29. Live in another city or country with Brian
  30. Learn to play 5 church hymns from the hymnbook on the piano
  31. Learn to recognize clouds
  32. Make and send a jigsaw puzzle-letter
  33. Write a children's book
  34. Write poetry
  35. Paint something beautiful
  36. Have something I write published
  37. Live near the mountains
  38. Live near the beach (walking distance)
  39. Take a cooking class
  40. Learn the names of the 20 most common plants and flowers
  41. Learn how to weight-train
  42. See a show at the West End (London)
  43. See a show on Broadway
  44. Take a photography class
  45. Set foot in all 50 States of America
  46. Read the Bible in order, cover to cover
  47. Run a 5k for a good cause
  48. Ride an Elephant
  49. Do something awesomely girly during the priesthood session of general conference
  50. Holiday in Southern France
  51. Holiday in Southern France with Brian
  52. Go on a cruise
  53. Have a ride in a hot air balloon
  54. Watch General Conference in the Conference Center
  55. Watch General Conference in the Conference Center with Brian
  56. Watch General Conference in the Conference Center with my kids
  57. Visit the Holy Land
  58. Start/join a charity whose cause and methods I support
  59. Enjoy a family camping trip
  60. Join a club or group that's not through church
  61. Serve a full-time church mission
  62. Serve a mission with Brian
  63. Go to Women's Conference or Education Week at BYU


  1. I loooved reading your life list! It looks like we have some of the same goals! Thank you for stopping by my blog! =) I love it when I meet people of the same faith! =)
    I hope you are having a great week!


  2. Suzie!! We are the best a memorizing scriptures together. And how to find them quicker than Arthur Hardy and Cassie!! We rock.

  3. lol Jade!!! You need to come sing me some crazy scripture songs to help me :)


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