Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bits and Bobs...

Here's a lightning-fast update on the Earley family!

Big Momma!

Random Pregnancy Fun Facts:
  • I'm now coming up to 28 weeks... yay for the last trimester!
  • I've started wearing more of Brian's clothes... the shirt in the picture is his :) 
  • Isaac (as we've now decided to call him) loves to kick. Especially at night...
  • Insomnia. Probably from the kicking.
  • Naps. Have hated these since the mission but have become necessary this past week...
  • Nose-blowing... quite an increase since becoming pregnant... who knew?
  • Pain... mostly in my hips and one side especially of my back... hurray for heating pads!
  • Stuff: We now have a crib! And a car seat/stroller combo! All for $105... thank you craigslist! I will post pics of those later.

  • We recycle! These cans could earn us a buck or two! (But probably just one, honestly)
  • I am just LOVING Bountiful Baskets! This is the loot from our first time. Today's was just as good, actually probably better... You really can't beat a lettuce that is still alive, roots and all!
  • Crepes! We've been eating a lot of them the past few weeks and have loved every single one!
  • Brian's cell phone got washed and is now spending a few days with some rice in a ziplock... 
  • Limes! We had loads (still do) from BB. It was my first time "zesting" or juicing one. Went well, except for my arthritic fingers afterwards! (I am honestly convinced I have arthritis... just like my Grannie....)
  • The delish (ok, we'll say "nice") Coconut Lime Cookies. Quite nice in fact. Not so sweet I want to eat the whole batch, which is a good thing. I love the food blog they came from too.

We made it to the Provo Cemetery! (Another of my Bucketlist items bites the dust!) Turns out we only live 5 or so blocks away. This is how we spent the morning of labor day... or presidents' day... or whichever holiday was most recent :) The picture of Brian and I happened because I still had it on a super zoom... can you tell I'm still an amateur?

The mural is part of series painted across the side of a whole building. It lines the park just north of the cemetery. 

These next two photos are of my favorite grave.

So pretty. 
And that's all for now! 


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one wearing my husband's clothes whilst pregnant. They are so much more comfy than mine!

    I would massively recommend getting a decent pelvic support belt (something like this if you're getting lots of back ache/hip pain. I've had the same and its the only thing that's realy helped.

    Hope it all goes well.

    Beka xx

  2. You are so cute pregnant!!! Also, I wish we lived closer, I think we'd be the best of friends and would have crepes parties with your fun family, it's one of our favorite meals!!

  3. Suzie,

    Have your baby down in San Diego (La Mesa, to be exact) and I can be your labor and delivery nurse! Just kidding but you do need to come see us again with a cute baby in arms!

  4. I like Isaac! And I remembered when I started wearing Dave's shirts last time. Cause buying expensive maternity clothes you won't wear in another couple months is lame! You look cute anyways!


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