Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Provo/Utah 2013 Bucket List!

This is almost definitely going to be our last year semester living in Provo, if not Utah completely! It’s so exciting and yet kind of sad to know we’ll be leaving the happy valley. I've been living here since August of 2004 (minus a mission and a few trips back to the UK). I want to savor every last minute before we have to pick up and move somewhere new! Brian graduates in April, so we’ll be aiming to complete them all by then! If you have any suggestions at all I’d love to hear them.

(By the way, a * = free J)
  1. Hike the Y (again) – special memories here!*
  2. Take a tour of the Utah State Capitol Building*
  3. Tour Welfare Square*
  4. Visit and walk around Provo Cemetery*
  5. Take a class at Provo Library*
  6. On one of our trips to Blackfoot, take the “scenic” old highway route up the I-15*
  7. On a separate trip, visit all the Temples we’ve never been to … at least the grounds!*
  8. Revisit Paul Ream Wilderness Park with Brian (where we had our Provo reception) and hike some of the Provo River Trail*
  9. Have a date night at Ozz!
  10. Visit Park City and see what all the fuss is about J
  11. Eat at J-dawgs
  12. Take a tour of BYU campus*
  13. Write or visit my fave BYU professors to say thanks*
  14. Take pictures of all the apartments I’ve lived in at BYU (from the outside… obviously…!)*
  15. Try out the Bountiful Baskets program
  16. Use the BYU pool*
  17. Visit the Provo Pioneer Museum*
  18. Visit BYU’s museum of Paleontology*
  19. Have the Kneaders all-you-can-eat French toast just one more time…
  20. Volunteer at the MTC with Brian (as he’s never been inside!)*
  21. Play pool with Brian in the WILK at BYU*

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