Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goals... What Goals?

So it's February, and I'm already demotivated. Ha! Despite accomplishing several of last week's goals, (stretching, exercising, journal writing, finishing that "darn" book that I actually LOVED!) I suddenly have no desire to make more.

At least none of the exercise/eat less sugar/cleaning goals because right now I'd rather eat candy, stay in my warm house, and be perfectly lazy.

The treat that's been undermining my goals all week... sooo good!
Its a blend of honey, peanut butter, sugar, cheerios & anything else you want to throw in :)

But there are a few things I really would like to accomplish this month. These include: Do a great job helping to organizing our stake's Valentine's Dance, "beat" last month's grocery and fast food spending (aka spend less!), further investigate Bountiful Baskets, and file our taxes.  I think I'll be happy if I can accomplish these!

1 comment:

  1. Oh good luck! Spend less on groceries and file our taxes are both on my list to do this month too. Maybe I should say good luck to us both! I'm definitely going to need it!


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