Wednesday, February 1, 2012

100th post & Baby Names

Yes, friends! It may have taken me 18 months, but I've finally hit my 100th post! It is, I believe, a milestone in the blogging world. I feel like I should be giving something away... sorry! At least nothing tangible....

A lot of people have been wondering whether we've picked out a name for baby boy, so perhaps that's something I can give away :)

After discussing online lists of names with family and friends, I started realizing why a lot of people are hesitant in sharing their name preferences: Discussing name options before you've actually settled on one (or several, as the case may be) is confusing and frustrating! By the end of the conversation you are more confused and uncertain than ever!

What has worked for us has been me listing about 20 names that I like, and then Brian going through the list with me, telling me which ones he likes too. Right now we have 5 that we both somewhat like. They are: James (Brian's middle name), Isaac, George (both for Britishness and because we both have a lot of George's in our family history), Elliot (although I'm starting to go off this one), and Fred/Frederick (my grandfather's name). Maybe we'll wait til we see the fellow before we decide. Maybe not... We'll see.

Here is the most recent pic of the belly. Over the last two weeks I feel like I have gotten a lot bigger:

Excuse the lack of make-up... and the peace signs are actually me saying "22 weeks" :) 

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