Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine's 2012

This year Valentine's was extra fun because Brian and I got to help put together our stake's annual Valentine's Dance!

We were primarily responsible for the decorations. Luckily we had so many wonderful people help us set up. I wish I'd taken more photos!

The doorways were probably the coolest decorations. Originally the strung hearts weren't bunched... it just became necessary when half way through the night they got all tangled. The balloon hearts were fun too! Thanks to the engineering students who assembled them, they lasted all night!
The Photo Booth!! This was a ton of fun and a lot of people got some awesome photos. The most popular props were the mustaches, the bouquet, the hat, and the plastic "feather" boa :)
The backdrop! Thanks Jaime & Cassie for putting it together!
It made for a pretty backdrop. Easy to make, too. Just twinkle lights behind a dollar-store plastic table cloth. Genius! 
Here are some of our photos. The photographers did a great job. Unfortunately I was so incredibly tired by this point. We'd shopped for hours, decorated for hours, and danced for hours... hence not looking my best!

These next pictures are from actual Valentine's day. Brian asked where I wanted to go and on the way there (I think it was originally Cafe Rio) I spotted a Denny's and that's where we ended up! Food is very urgent when you're pregnant...
Waiting for our food at Denny's...
Denny's love...
So I realized after seeing some of these pictures (and a worse one I deleted!) that I'd gotten noticeably chubbier in the face department. Pictures will be taken from above from now on! :)  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Provo/Utah 2013 Bucket List!

This is almost definitely going to be our last year semester living in Provo, if not Utah completely! It’s so exciting and yet kind of sad to know we’ll be leaving the happy valley. I've been living here since August of 2004 (minus a mission and a few trips back to the UK). I want to savor every last minute before we have to pick up and move somewhere new! Brian graduates in April, so we’ll be aiming to complete them all by then! If you have any suggestions at all I’d love to hear them.

(By the way, a * = free J)
  1. Hike the Y (again) – special memories here!*
  2. Take a tour of the Utah State Capitol Building*
  3. Tour Welfare Square*
  4. Visit and walk around Provo Cemetery*
  5. Take a class at Provo Library*
  6. On one of our trips to Blackfoot, take the “scenic” old highway route up the I-15*
  7. On a separate trip, visit all the Temples we’ve never been to … at least the grounds!*
  8. Revisit Paul Ream Wilderness Park with Brian (where we had our Provo reception) and hike some of the Provo River Trail*
  9. Have a date night at Ozz!
  10. Visit Park City and see what all the fuss is about J
  11. Eat at J-dawgs
  12. Take a tour of BYU campus*
  13. Write or visit my fave BYU professors to say thanks*
  14. Take pictures of all the apartments I’ve lived in at BYU (from the outside… obviously…!)*
  15. Try out the Bountiful Baskets program
  16. Use the BYU pool*
  17. Visit the Provo Pioneer Museum*
  18. Visit BYU’s museum of Paleontology*
  19. Have the Kneaders all-you-can-eat French toast just one more time…
  20. Volunteer at the MTC with Brian (as he’s never been inside!)*
  21. Play pool with Brian in the WILK at BYU*

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Goals... What Goals?

So it's February, and I'm already demotivated. Ha! Despite accomplishing several of last week's goals, (stretching, exercising, journal writing, finishing that "darn" book that I actually LOVED!) I suddenly have no desire to make more.

At least none of the exercise/eat less sugar/cleaning goals because right now I'd rather eat candy, stay in my warm house, and be perfectly lazy.

The treat that's been undermining my goals all week... sooo good!
Its a blend of honey, peanut butter, sugar, cheerios & anything else you want to throw in :)

But there are a few things I really would like to accomplish this month. These include: Do a great job helping to organizing our stake's Valentine's Dance, "beat" last month's grocery and fast food spending (aka spend less!), further investigate Bountiful Baskets, and file our taxes.  I think I'll be happy if I can accomplish these!

100th post & Baby Names

Yes, friends! It may have taken me 18 months, but I've finally hit my 100th post! It is, I believe, a milestone in the blogging world. I feel like I should be giving something away... sorry! At least nothing tangible....

A lot of people have been wondering whether we've picked out a name for baby boy, so perhaps that's something I can give away :)

After discussing online lists of names with family and friends, I started realizing why a lot of people are hesitant in sharing their name preferences: Discussing name options before you've actually settled on one (or several, as the case may be) is confusing and frustrating! By the end of the conversation you are more confused and uncertain than ever!

What has worked for us has been me listing about 20 names that I like, and then Brian going through the list with me, telling me which ones he likes too. Right now we have 5 that we both somewhat like. They are: James (Brian's middle name), Isaac, George (both for Britishness and because we both have a lot of George's in our family history), Elliot (although I'm starting to go off this one), and Fred/Frederick (my grandfather's name). Maybe we'll wait til we see the fellow before we decide. Maybe not... We'll see.

Here is the most recent pic of the belly. Over the last two weeks I feel like I have gotten a lot bigger:

Excuse the lack of make-up... and the peace signs are actually me saying "22 weeks" :) 

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