Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Goals!

Evidence I went to the pool :)

Here's how I did on my last week's goals:

  1. Take more pictures! This is our last year in Provo and I want to remember it! I'm going to try and remember to take my camera with me wherever we go and see if it helps.
  2. Find a delicious (and healthy) way to eat cottage cheese. (Any suggestions friends???)
  3. Go swimming twice this week!
  4. Continue to stretch daily. Add to this: Arm weights!
  5. Make and stick to a meal plan!
  6. Use a coupon!
  7. Finish Think by Lisa Bloom, and start another book on my goodreads list!
Hmmm.... Three out of seven doesn't look so good, but I am ok with this. I took several photos (which is more than usual), found I liked cottage cheese mixed into a salad, went swimming once, and used a BUNCH of coupons stocking up on cereal

I'm not sure about swimming anymore. I honestly love it, but the BYU pool is super crowded in the evenings (FIVE TO A LANE!) and 6am is just sooo early.... I am completely exhausted for the rest of the day. I do need to do better though on the health front. I'll have to try something new this week! I never really did make a meal plan for last week, let alone stick to it, yet somehow everything worked out very nicely. I'm not sure I read a page of my book but I have to finish it by the 27th as that's when it's due back at the library :)

And now for this week's goals!
  1. Finish that darn book!
  2. Stretch every single day.
  3. Exercise for at least 15 minutes every day (I'm starting small!)
  4. Write something in my journal daily.
  5. Attempt to clean the kitchen blinds (without bleach!)
  6. Make a plan to eat less sugar (turns out I'm addicted).
  7. Dust off my sewing machine and finally get around to fixing Brian's suit pant seam.
  8. Figure out a schedule I'll stick to.
I'm starting small this week! But small and simple means I'm more likely to do it. Here I go!

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