Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recent Adventures!

This month has been so wonderful! I am loving 2012 already!

Here are a few more not-as-exciting-as-having-a-baby updates!

1.  I am becoming ginormous! You may have noticed the lack of pictures of me on the blog recently. Well, it's hard to keep a pregnancy quiet after a certain number of weeks! Here is me just the other day... It might look like 3 different weeks (as I look progressively bigger!) but apparently different angles and positions either hide/exaggerate the bump!
@ 20 weeks
Note the heavenly sweat pants. Sooo necessary right now!

2.  Yesterday I felt the baby KICK FOR THE FIRST TIME!! (At least the first time that I've recognized!) I am so excited! And since then he hasn't stopped! It's a little weird... it feels like a tiny muscle spasm a couple of inches below my belly button... but it is amazing!!

3.  I am terrible at taking photos, especially at special moments... like birthdays for example! Brian's party was fun. We had some awesome people stop by. Luckily Brian didn't mind that most of the night was spent talking about our baby boy, and watching the DVD the tech gave us! It was fun. We ate, drank, and were perfectly merry. I even whipped up some last minute decorations! Hehe. (When most people use the term "whipped up" it usually means they magically and modestly produced something amazing from nothing. I am not so modest. They were makeshift and kind of funny, but definitely added to the atmosphere!) 

I don't know why, but Brian's face in a bunch of balloons is simply hilarious to me...
Definitely my favorite!

Birthday cards and some random facts about the birthday boy!
Hopefully you can a make a few of them out, as they are pretty random and funny!
4. We moved! (This list is apparently not in chronological order....) We love our new place. We're only a few blocks (well, 5) away from the complex where we used to live. It's fun a weird because other than vacations, that's where we'd lived our entire marriage thus far. So far I am loving it. We are in a basement apartment, but there is plenty of natural light (more than our last place actually!), and although it's a little chilly sometimes the utilities are included! (Meaning we can crank up the heat as much as we please.) I mostly love the kitchen. It's been re-modeled recently and it's my fave place to be!

I love this photo! Brian is about to clean our oven before me moved.
Brian is using his lab goggles and my fabulous rubber gloves for protection. Unfortunately the gloves didn't survive but the oven looked AMAZING!

Here's another pic of my belly but with the lovely kitchen left in it!
LOVE it!
5.  Date night last Friday! Because We spent half of Thursday at the doctor's, and the other half celebrating Brian's birthday, our date night was spent in the library! (Inspired by a recent devotional by the Samuelsons.) 

On the way there we walked by the office where Brian works. Have I mentioned this before? Brian is a Freshman Mentor and he LOVES it! (Evident from his expression in the photo...)

If you look closely in the reflection you can see I'm still wearing the sweats... ummm... yeah....
Later on I saw myself in a bathroom mirror and vowed never to wear them in public again! haha or at least buy some cute ones that actually fit...

Fantastic poster.
(As much as I hate seeing leggings worn as pants there are definitely a lot more important things going on in the world to read about!!)

Us in our adjoining cubicles! Precious!
6.  I guess the last thing I want to add to this already-huge post, is that Brian & I like to read together. We've just finished Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and just started Machiavelli's The Prince. Both are from the honor's reading list. Often, Brian does the dishes and I read to him after dinner until he's done. Brian was even the one who suggested it! It's really fun! And not just because I get out of the dishes :)


  1. Everything looks so wonderful! You look great-- sweats are the way to go in pregnancy. I try to wear cute pregnancy clothes sometimes, but my favorite is comfy sweats and exercise clothes and T-shirts. I also love the reading and dishes idea-- awesome! So is Brian still a student? What's he studying?

  2. Haha! I'm currently wearing exercise pants (not that I've done any exercising today...) and a t-shirt. :) Today I didn't leave our apartment at all, so why bother with looking cute, right? :) And you look great, by the way. As much as I don't like getting huge, it's nice to be big enough that people "know" you're pregnant, and not just chubby.

  3. I love everything about this post. :)

  4. you're such a cute pregnant lady! :)


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