Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Week's goals!

Here's how I did on my last week's goals!

1. Stretch morning and night (I must have the tightest ham strings in the world.)
Stretched my hams at least twice daily except for one day when I only did it once. I haven't felt as much tightness in my lower back and my flexibility has visibly improved!
2. Go swimming at the BYU pool at least once. -I've never swam (swum?) there before and am a little intimidated....
Tuesday was the day! Dragged myself up at 6am to get there for a full 30 minutes :) I was so sleepy the rest of the day but my muscles felt great!
3. Plan something special for Brian's Birthday :)
Brian had a great birthday! The ultrasound was definitely the highlight of the day, but we really enjoyed having friends over that evening with food, cake, and a few makeshift decorations!
4. Use a coupon for the first time in my life. Over the holidays I watched several episodes of "Extreme Couponing" and am determined to start paying less for groceries!
Sad story! We finally got our new printer up and running, printed a plethora of coupons, and yet when we got to the store we found that even with the coupons we could get a better deal elsewhere! However, I did give a man in line my 75 cents off milk coupon (it was expiring and we already had enough) so that maybe counts for something...? 
5. Hang out with some specific awesome ladies.
Yes! I got to spend time with some good friends this past week! I was especially excited to see friends from our previous ward on Saturday for a Stake RS activity. It was wonderful.
6. Make some bread. Try a half white, half wheat combo. Yum!
Success! I only made it a few days ago and it's already gone! I have some more in the breadmaker rising now. The half and half combo turned out tastier and a better texture than the white! 
7. Finish "Think" by Lisa Bloom.
Not even close! But I'm in the middle so I should have it read pretty quickly now. 

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