Monday, January 23, 2012

Fact: Pregnancy Makes You Crazy.

Occasionally I think most people have little mind-blanks where they'll try and put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard. But they usually realize it before they leave it in there. Throw in pregnancy and those little mind-blanks can turn into some really strange behavior....

Recently Brian's asked some weird questions like "Hun, why are the [measuring cups] in the [fridge]?" and I respond something along the lines of "I don't know, did you put them there?" And then after some thought I start vaguely remembering putting said item away... "Placenta brain" is a real condition. Due to the rise in estrogen, I understand.

But it's not just absentmindedness. Pregnant women's emotions are often completely irrational. Like when we went to our first ward activity last weekend. We had to leave within 5 minutes of arriving because I was starting to cry. The "tons of pizza" advertised ran out as we arrived and then no-one spoke to us for a full 5 minutes. 5 minutes! Looking back I realize we should've stuck around to meet people and then gone out to eat afterwards. But I was really hungry and I think pregnancy + hunger + missed expectations is probably a situation better to avoid in public!

Poor Brian.

This morning was probably the craziest thing. I had a sudden urge to chop off all my hair. This isn't unusual. But usually I deliberate for a while and then trim some of the dead ends and I'm feeling good. The urge is assuaged.

Well, that didn't happen this morning.

Several inches later I realize it's too late and that I'm not actually a trained or naturally talented hair-dresser. I will post pictures once it's fixed...


  1. Pregnancy + Hunger is a really bad combination. Bursting into tears is TOTALLY rational.
    I did similar when food ran out at church recently. The world seemed a lot better place after I'd been to Tesco and bought a pasta salad.

    PS - I like your blog...

  2. BAH! Scary because I'm already crazy enough!!

    I'm sure your hair will look great darling!

  3. Lol!! I'm so there! As soon as I found out I was pregnant even my typing skills started to suffer! I couldn't do math in my head, my Spanish sounded like a new missionary's, and everything I used to know was then only accessible to me through google. I felt like my brain said, "well, I'm off, see you in nine months!" It was not this bad with my first.

  4. Hahahaha! Oh Suzie, you make me laugh! I am sure your hair looks (will look?) darling! We should hang out again... and I'll make sure there is food there ;). Love ya!

  5. DITTO, Suzie! I am completely in the same boat. I am so forgetful and the tear flood gates can open at the most inconvenient and surprising moments. I do believe you normalize sometime after giving birth. Kinda :)


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