Saturday, December 10, 2011

Date Jar Idea List

A while ago I wrote this post about our homemade date jar. Yesterday I shared the date idea list on my Relief Society's blog (the women's organization of my church) and realized that the links on my original post don't work... whoops!

Here is the full list of ideas, plus check out this site for even more fun inexpensive date ideas!

Build a den (fort)
Make a music video
Do some Sudoku
Have an eating contest
Get a milkshake
Have a home cinema experience (popcorn & tickets)
Learn a new language
Do some yoga
Go and play mini golf
Learn about loving thy neighbour
Have a 10 second kiss
Write a poem for each other
Do a finger painting with each other
Prepare a package or letter for a missionary
Make a family motto and make a sign for it
Snuggle and watch a film (movie) in bed
Learn to plait (braid) wifey’s hair
Learn about being a disciple
Go swimming
Decide on some long term goals
Have a paper aeroplane competition
Massage each others feet
Get some penny sweets
Read each others palms
Write a journal together
Read a children's story and act it out
Draw a caricature of each other
Do a workout
Have a 20 second kiss
Play card games
Cook a gourmet meal
Read our favourite scriptures
Have a 30 second kiss
Have dessert for dinner
Have a yummy dessert
Play a board game
Send e-mails to old friends
Search e-bay
Rent an old movie
Study about the Atonement
Write 2 more ideas for the jar
Play dressing up- have a themed night
Play noughts and crosses (tic-tact-toe)
Go fishing
Fly a kite
Do teddy bear rolls (?)
Roast marshmallows in the garden (yard)
Play the Chocolate game
Prepare and share your talents
Do some family history
Watch comedy on YouTube
Have a carpet picnic
Do a photo shoot
Go and buy food we’ve never tried
Do something round the house that needs doing
Write a story or two
Learn how to pickle onions
Learn about a story from the scriptures than you are unfamiliar with
Do something you haven’t done in years
Share childhood memories
Pay it forward (do some service for someone who hasn’t done anything for you)
Get some takeout
Make a treasure hunt
Have a film marathon
Go to the nearest park and play on the swings
Plan a trip to a museum
Take a walk down ‘memory lane’
Make a cake together and decorate it saying ‘I Love you!’
Arrange a FHE with the missionaries and their investigators
Design your dream home, then compare ideas
Read your patriarchal blessings together
Get up really early and go somewhere to watch the sunrise
Find something to watch on
Go to the shops with a budget of £2 for each other…..see what you can come up with!
Do a cookie drop- make/buy some cookies and drop them on a neighbours doorstep with your testimonies attached, knock on the door and then run!
Dance together to a song you liked when you were dating
Make a list of the goals you want to accomplish in one, five, ten, or twenty-five years. Seal these lists in envelopes with a “to-open” date written clearly on the front.

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  1. Maybe also going for a walk in a cemetery or renting hondas


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