Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures!

After my recent confession regarding thrift shopping, I spotted a "multi-family yard sale" happening today! I was pretty excited. So I made Brian get out of bed probably a little earlier than he would've preferred and we headed down. They had sooo many lovely baby and little kid clothes! I wanted to buy them all but reminded myself that it probably wasn't fair to those who actually had kids. Here's what I restricted myself to :)

It consists of:
1 wood and iron elephant coat peg thing
1 pack of supercute animal finger puppet toys
1 stripy sailor style t-shirt
2 cutesy girl's summer dresses (one with matching panties)
1 tutu-style girl's skirt (from Zara kids!) and
1 like-new men's Columbia ski jacket

Everything except the coat peg thingy was $1! (It was 50 cents:) And everything we got is in amazing condition. I don't think the coat was used more than once, and the puppets at all! Total was $6.50 but Brian was so impressed with the quality of the coat that we paid 10! Still a steal of a deal! We also went to one other yard sale this morning and I got a bike! I was so excited. It had a sticker saying "make an offer" and we paid $20 for it. I wanted to pay less but considering it was new in December and only ridden once I felt a bit cheeky. I took it for a ride around Provo today and I love it! Yay for thrift!

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