Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sewing: More Skirts!

So today I was really excited to make THIS skirt with the navy fabric I'd been given. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that the fabric wouldn't work as it was way too stretchy. I thought about making a maxi dress or skirt but figured I'd go ahead and make a really comfy pencil-ish skirt. Here's what happened:

It's ok. I like it as it's super comfy. I think it may become my "church pajamas" (a concept I've just been introduced to:) I think I will still attempt some sort of maxi-item as I still have a lot of material and the color is pretty.

I still wanted to try and make a bow skirt though! I had a lot of fun making this next skirt. It took a while as I made some mistakes but I am satisfied with it :) The fabric wasn't super compatible either but here is my attempt. I made the bow so it can be pinned on anywhere. What do you think, at the top or bottom? Or not at all? The lighting is much better for the bow-up but don't let that sway you!


  1. Top. I like it better on the top. When did you learn to sew? I want to learn to sew....

  2. I love it at the top too. Although I like the idea of it at the bottom :)

  3. your skirt is so cute! I would prefer the bow at the top cuz it's more prominent. I love sewing too although I think I'm not as good, I haven't sew any clothing from scratch, I do mainly refashioning, I guess I'm also taking the easy way out, HA! Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's wonderful to know like minded people. Following you back. HAppy sewing !



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