Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mini-Skirt :)

I was really excited to make this skirt for my little 3-yr old niece! As most of you know, my family are all still living in the UK, so I can't try it on her.... Hopefully it fits!

I was experimenting a bit with this skirt. You may be able to make out the little flap-things, they don't look exactly how I'd imagined but they add some character. Easy to make. I'll definitely try them again. I showed it to my other, older niece and she wants one too so I'll hopefully make some progress!

It was also my first time making the flower sort of thing at the top-right. Again, not what I imagined but still cute I think. The pearls are from a necklace I had but never wore.

I'm excited to see how it looks on my niece! She'd be adorable in a potato sack so I have high hopes! :)

1 comment:

  1. Very cute Sooze you little housewife you! We are grateful your creative efforts are coming our way!!


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