Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Film Review: Wuthering Heights

I consider this post a public service. Wuthering Heights is possibly the most disturbing film I've ever seen. For reals.

Maybe it was just the version I saw but the entire film was just so dark and twisted and awful. Heathcliff is, from his childhood, possessive and obsessed with Catherine, whose father adopted him as a child. Catherine is torn throughout the film and then becomes just as vindictive and obsessed. They live dark and dreadful lives. Heathcliff does all he can to ruin the lives of everyone around him. This awfulness goes on throughout the film until the last 4 minutes, where the next generation begin to fall in (real) love and Heathcliff dies. In death Heathcliff is reunited with Catherine.

It's totally messed up. They lived awful lives to the end and then suddenly they're all happy and skipping and everything is wonderful. The end was certainly a relief from the horribleness thus far, but it definitely did not remove the negative feeling I got from it. **Shudder**

I think I need to go and find some EFY music!


  1. Ha! I've never seen the film but we studied Wuthering Heights for GCSE English at Jack Hunt. First time I came across necrophilia - a bit much for a 15 year old!!

  2. Wow I have never even read it. I am not into dark make you want to vomit kind of books or movies so I will skip this one. Thank you for the public service :)

  3. It's not just the movie that's disturbing- the book is even worse. (I think it's an okay book, but definitely creepy...)


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