Friday, August 26, 2011

Scotland: The Wallace Monument!

The Wallace Monument was probably the coolest thing we saw in Scotland. The trek up to the tower is a gorgeous 20 minute uphill hike. Then there are 246 steps up the narrowest spiral stone staircase you can imagine... Especially awkward when people were going the opposite direction, but still loads of fun and definitely worth it. 

The monument itself!
William Wallace.
Also William Wallace.
This was kind of creepy. The face was a flat screen that several projectors projected onto. It made the face appear 3D.
Here William is standing trial before the English and argues his cause until he's condemned. 
They say this is Wallace's actual sword. It's 5"6 long, including the handle. That is my height!  With a sword this big they say he'd have had to be at least 6"6 to weild it properly. 
The tower had about 5 different floors with exhibits on each. This one was full of the busts of famous Scotsmen.
Can you guess who this famous economist is?
And the answer... Adam Smith! The guy behind the invisible hand theory. Ha. Econ 110 thanks you. He also happens to appear on British 20 pound notes.
Ha. This made me laugh. About a hundred and fifty years ago the Scottish held a competition to find the best design for the National Wallace Monument. The design above was the original winner. It depicts the Lion (Scotland) trouncing the Lapith (England). They eventually thought it might be a bit too anti-English and decided on the tower instead. Ha.    
The arches atop the tower.
Brian & I. The views were amazing!
Mum & Rikk.

Brian scaling the walls in his new shoes.

After we got home, Brian started delving into his family history. Not only is he related to a line of English and Irish royalty, but he's also related to William Wallace! 

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  1. I've been to that monument too! The views are amazing, and it sure is nice to have all those exhibits to take a rest on the way up all those stairs! :)


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