Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scotland: Music Appreciation Night!

This night was SO much fun! I had a blast at Cumbernauld's Relief Society activity. Not only did we enjoy music, but we also had the chance to sample some delicious treats!

Mum adding even more treats to the table.
The table was decorated gorgeously. I loved the teacups and teapots and the food itself was just lovely!
All the food had some sort of musical theme involved in the name. These are "Chopin's Chocolate Delights" :)
Delicious Victoria Sponges! Brian's favorite! Luckily there was extra of both cakes for me to bring him.
The main part of the night consisted of each of us playing a song we'd brought and explaining why it meant something to us. We had a ridiculous amount of fun.
Maureen is "Flying Without Wings"!
Overall a really great night. Thanks for organizing it Alison! 

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