Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scotland: Loch Katrine, Daisies, and a Traumatic Glasgow Experience

We got to do so many things in our two weeks in Scotland! Loch Katrine (pronounced "Katrin") is a huge lake with a lot of history. Apparently Rob Roy used to hide his stolen cattle there, among other things.

Where we got the boat.
"Lady of the Lake"

After the Loch we went to a little village to have lunch and split up to look around the shops. While Brian & I waited for mum & Rikk, Brian gathered me a bouquet of daisies! 

Then I taught him to make daisy chains! He did a really good job too, here's the finished product:

Glasgow is an amazing city. Edinburgh is good too, but too touristy for my liking.

Monster construction going on right now! Apart from the crane it looked like there'd been an earthquake!

Brian's traumatizing trip to the shoe shop...

Brian was really sad to let go of his old, holey, no-longer-white tennis shoes. We took a picture so he could remember them. 
So sad! I think the only thing that finally persuaded Brian to part with them was the fact that we got 5 pounds off his new pair in a randomly convenient recycling program.
Good times!

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  1. That is so great they give you 5 lbs back! That helps everyone out :) Looks like you visiting some beautiful places!


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