Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scotland: The Isle of Arran!

The Isle of Arran was a lot of fun. We got to go with some great friends. 

Here's Jim, Derek & Siobhan. (Jim's Siobhan's Dad.) You can't tell, but she is 7 months pregnant here!
Here's my  mum, Siobhan's mum Helen, my stepdad Rikk, and Brian. We're all on the ferry on the way to Arran!

The ferry was windy and cold in the shade but a lot of fun.

Some of the grounds at Brodick castle. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside.
"A blue Hydrangea!" ~Mum :)

The men who would rather sit on a bench than look around the shops with us. Ha.
Then they wandered off and we found them playing mini-golf! Ha. It was so much fun watching them! We got to cheer and boo and hiss! Jim even started dancing... though I think it was to distract us from his cheating! lol
Mum and Helen with their big n small ice creams. My mum believes it's not a proper holiday unless you eat an icecream everyday! She got that from her mother... I'm guessing it's going to rub of on me one of these days too.
Siobhan & I!
This is Derek holding the rubbish from all our fish and chips!
Great people, great times!

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