Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More pictures from Ireland

This is a really cool, really old fort. They were having a rock concert there that night.
The kids (if you can see them) to the right were mean French 15 yr olds. They were bullying one of their classmates, mooned passing tour boats and yelled stuff like "Vive la France!" They were so bad I told their Profs and though I don't know the correct word for "mooned" I think I got the message across. ha. 
Forgotten graveyard

Brian told me that before designing the SLC Temple, people did a lot of research into other religious structures.  Apparently they really like the angel idea, taken from this Irish Cathedral, and so came Moroni!
The caption underneath reads "Peace Not War"
This is the wonderful Obode family, friends from Brian's mission.
I think they must have two of the cutest kids in Ireland! 
Brian test-wears the shirt we bought his Dad :)
This was our day in Dublin! We randomly chose a day when the ward had a stake service event to raise money for the Marie Keating foundation. It was awesome!

These games were fun. We won a ton of lollypops and cheap plastic toys :)

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